I am an idiot

Ok, so I am an idiot. I had this great post all about interesting vehicular incidents that happened to me this weekend. I published it. I logged in and looked at it. I was so very proud of myself. Then, I thought, “hey, I need categories so people will know what they are getting into.” I figured out how to set up categories all by myself. I gave them cute little names and taglines. Once again, I was so proud. I was actually thinking to myself, “I’m a bit of a computer genius.” I hit save, so proud of myself. Then, I hit view site and the title of my very clever little story came up with nothing underneath it. Hmmm..

So I relogged in. I tried editing again. I switched the category back to uncategorized. It was still gone. I’m not sure how, but I managed to delete my entire post. So, instead of my first post being witty and launching me on my way to the blogging hall of fame, it’s me, admitting quite shamefully that I am an idiot and not nearly as computer literate as I once thought.

For many this may not be such a bad thing to admit, but I teach journalism for a living. I instruct teenagers on how to design attractive newspaper pages using darn near the latest publishing software and photo products. I can set up templates and manipulate photos no problem, but I can’t avoid erasing a post that took me a good 30 minutes to write and rewrite. There’s no doubt about it, I am an idiot.

Why am I admitting this instead of just rewriting what I admittedly thought was a devilishly funny anecdote? I mean I could have just rewritten it and no one would be the wiser. Afterall, I think only my best friend and husband even know I have this blog right now. To be honest, I just can’t write it again. Not now. I was so proud of it and now I am so ashamed of my bumbling. I just can’t think about it right now. As God as my witness, this blog isn’t going to lick me yet. If I have to lie, cheat, or kill, I’ll never erase my post again.

Yeah, I know, cheap use of a famous movie quote (and badly updated), but like the title says, I am an idiot.



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3 responses to “I am an idiot

  1. Eee

    Don’t worry Shannon. I read your deleted blog and like Montag in Fahrenheit 451 I shall wonder the desert of this blighted land with your blog safe in my head for future generations.

  2. Just for giggles, go to your admin panel to “write” and look above the textarea to see if there are any links to drafts there. Then look under manage->posts too.

    You might have somehow saved it as a private post or a draft.

  3. beetqueen

    Thanks for the tip Shae, but sadly it did not work. I really managed to just annihilate my first post!

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