Summer Break

Yesterday was the first official day of summer break. This is an event worthy of much rejoicing. It is that glorious day when my friends who generally mock me for choosing a career that actually pays less than minimum wage when broken down by the time spent working each week and regularly requires 60-80 hours of work to earn that pittance, open an email from me discussing how I am lounging about eating bon bons and viewing the confines of their gray cubicles, heave a deep sigh and envy me. The envy never lasts long enough–about two and a half months–but it at least partly makes up for having to turn down going out to eat or the movies because I have a stack of essays I need to grade and hand back before I collect the next set in the morning.

The first day of break actually begins with me being awake at 12:01 am Monday morning. Even though my body is exhausted from months of being trained to shut down around 10:30, I rebel and stay up for the late movie. I fall asleep sometime around 12:05, but this isn’t important. One of the day’s highlights comes around 8:15 when I hear my husband’s alarm go off. I snuggle deeper into the bed and without opening an eye tell him to turn it off because some of us are still sleeping. He grumbles as he does this, but I don’t acknowledge him, just huddle deeper into the bed and smile.

Eventually I get up….usually around 10 am or so. I take a shower (because I am neurotic and have to take one first thing), check my email in order to make sure all my friends get their email detailing how I am not at work, eat a sort of brunch, watch some TV, whatever suits me at the moment.

The next few days follow pretty much the same schedule, or lack of it. Sometimes I sit out on the screened in patio and read an entire book. Sometimes I have a Buffy marathon. Sometimes I meet friends for lunch and leisurely sip my drink as they rush to get back to work on time. Sometimes I find strange things online. For two and a half months, I lead a life of lazy me-ness.

This year though, the first day of summer vacation wasn’t quite so exciting. Partly because my two best friends, and biggest taunters, are back in school and actually started their summer vacations even earlier than I did. It’s also partly due to the fact that I started my maternity leave in March and by the time the first official day of summer break began, I’d already been off work for two weeks longer than my normal vacation.

My summer vacation started at 6:30 am, with a brief waking around 2am for suspicious baby grunts. My shower had to wait a good hour for the baby to be changed, then fed, then changed again and sort of napping. I did get to watch an hour or so of a DVD I rented, but had to stop it when the baby felt he’d let me get a little too interested in the movie and started crying. The most exciting part of my vacation so far is a tie between sitting at Lulu’s with Nancee for a couple of hours or pants shopping with another friend, knowing full well I couldn’t buy anything, because she needed someone to watch her baby while she was in the dressing room. I know it seems like Lulu’s would be the clear winner, but since we have both had a lot of time on our hands, Eee and I find ourselves in Lulu’s about three times a week. At least not shopping for pants was a little different. Come to think of it, our trips to Lulu’s might be the reason those capris didn’t fit.

Anyway, for the first time in my entire life, I actually think I’m in a hurry for summer break to be over and for school to start back up. Sick, I know.



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4 responses to “Summer Break

  1. friends may mock, but at times like this i miss being outside during the summertimes…

  2. ficklefoe

    Only someone who has always had a summer vacation and always will could speak in such a way. I’m tempted to go to Lulu’s without you this afternoon!


  3. beetqueen

    In all fairness to me, this is only the second summer I’ve had “off.” Every other summer I’ve done summer school, so I only had like 6 weeks completely paid summer vacation. Does that still sound like rubbing it in?

    And we all know Eee will not go to Lulu’s without me.

  4. I don’t mock you for making such outrageously low cash, “remove the plank from my own eye” and all that. I mock you for, after seven years (or so), still complaining about grading papers. (A relentless affectation you couldn’t drop for as many as two entries.)

    I’m still waiting to find that career that gives me 2.5 months off per year without the soul-sucking trade-off of judging the mental efforts of 165 people with the intellectual depth of a tea saucer. (All due respect to the handful of students you’ve had that may yet develop into intellectual tea cups.)

    No luck yet. But when I do….oh, I will feel the envy of my peers like the salty waves of the ocean over my surprisingly tiny, bird-like ankles.

    Seriously though, at least you’re changing the future one distracted and superficial mind at a time. I barely change the litter boxes.

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