Mammograms, books and dog food, oh my!

The baby is asleep! For those of you who don’t yet have kids, this may probably is not the exaltation it is around this household. We celebrate any daytime napping around with fiestas, granted, very quiet ones accompanied by icy death glares if someone makes a noise, but fiestas none the less. So far today he’s taken four, count them, four naps of at least 45 minutes long (the longest being nearly two hours). So, for today’s celebration, I went out, got my hair cut*, finished the book I’ve been laboring on for weeks now and my husband and I actually spent some quality time together, not talking about any sort of baby bodily function.

What does this mean for the good readers of this blog? Short blog today, because we plan to continue the festivities with (dramatic pause) an uninterrupted movie! However, I wanted to give this site to anyone with slight humanitarian (or animaltarian) interests. If you spend any time on the computer, you can help make the world a better place in just a few minutes by going to the following site:

By going to this site and clicking the “Fund Food for Animals” button, you can donate food to animal shelters. You can also quickly** get connected to five other charitable sites where you can donate staple food to the hungry, mammograms to underprivileged women, preventative medicine for children, books for children and save land in the rainforests. It’s totally legit, I’ve checked it out on Snopes (and you can too if you don’t believe me). For the mammogram site, it does take about 45,000 clicks to pay for one mammogram, but each day they are able to provide 2-8 mammograms, which is definitely worth my five seconds. Currently 450-800 kids get free books, 800+ kids get vaccines and usually over 80,000 cups of staple food are given out. And these are without your added clicks.

So, if you have a few seconds to spare, and I know you all do, go there every day and help out. It’s especially important to go to the breast cancer site because if they get 6 million clicks, one of their sponsors will donate $20,000. Pass this site on to everyone you know and go on, get clicking!

*My hair is pretty short for me—above my shoulders—and has layers, which I don’t think I’ve had since I was eight.

**As long as you have DSL or cable. It takes a bit longer if you have dial-up…not that I’m bitter or anything.



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2 responses to “Mammograms, books and dog food, oh my!

  1. La

    The day Morgan stopped taking naps was a dark day indeed. I think it was about two years ago so she must have been around 2 1/2 – close to her sister’s current age. Now if she happens to fall asleep in the car I gently carry her in and lay her on the couch, where she generally wakes up immediately and very disoriented. Crying ensues and everyone is miserable. Now little Chloe still takes 3 hour power naps. If anyone dares make a sound, they feel the wrath of Mommy. What I’m saying is cherish these quiet times…they don’t last long.

  2. beetqueen

    My baby has NEVER been a day time sleeper. Our pediatrician keeps taunting me with this idea that he should be sleeping 16 hours a day. After repeatedly telling her he sleeps like 12, her comments seem almost cruel!

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