The Holy Grail of hair care

I’ll warn you straight off, this one might get a little girly.


Ever since I was old enough to actually care what my hair looked like, I have been on the quest for great hair. I know this is an attainable goal, because I see magazines plastered with girls who have really amazing hair. Each hair is in the perfect place, even if that means it looks completely out of place. It has bounce and shine. I can imagine running my fingers through magazine hair in one fluid motion as the wind gently nips at the ends.

This search has led me to a variety of different stylists. As I ease myself into each new chair, I always hope this time will be the time. My wants are relatively simple. I want a style that looks reasonably fashionable and doesn’t take me 45 minutes and five hair products to put together each morning. Most importantly, I want a hair style I can actually replicate in front of my bathroom mirror. In 18 years, this has never once happened. I’ve walked out of the salon with reasonably fashionable hair before. I’ve walked out after an eight minute style with only one product on my head. I have never, however, been able to find the same hair magic the next morning when I am on my own. This has not stopped me though.

I truly believe one of the biggest obstacles on my epic journey has been my inability to find the right hair product. A sort of Holy Grail of hair care if you will, that will actually fulfill the promises listed on it’s outer container. There are currently five different shampoos and three different conditioners in my shower. Yesterday there were six shampoos. Two of them belong to my husband for dandruff. One was a sample especially for brunettes (one of the conditioners is the leftover from the same sample pack). The other three, or at least some version of them are always in my shower. The first shampoo/conditioner set is cheap. I bought it because it is supposed to be clarifying and my hair gets build up, which is also why I have so many products. If I use the same product too many times in a row, the build up begins. I’m not sure if they actually work, but my lack of build up and the $2.15 total price tag means it’s worth trying. The second combination is “natural” and touts its ability to give my hair volume and shine. They don’t lather much and my hair is already sort of thick, so the volume aspect isn’t important to me. I like the smell though. Nice and citrusy. And, my hair does seem shinier, but whether that is the combo, the power of suggestion, my sheer desire for shiny hair, or the third shampoo in my shower, I’m not sure.

The last one gets its own paragraph. It’s from LUSH, which is a totally fantastic line of skin, hair, face, body, bath products based in Canada. I love just about everything I’ve ever bought from them, but that is another blog all together. This is about my newest shampoo find. It is called BIG and it makes the best claims of any hair product I’ve ever bought. According to it’s label it is an “all new life affirming shampoo for more shine than you thought possible.” It goes on to promise that “dull hair turns into traffic stopping shiny, silky hair.” Now if this doesn’t sound like the Holy Grail of hair care, I don’t know what does. The thought of my shampoo being a life affirming force is a bit pathetic, I have a child after all, but the promise of shiny, traffic stopping hair is too alluring to pass up. I’ve used it as part of my once every three day usual rotation, and I have to say that my hair actually feels a bit more like straw than like silk when I use it. And while I haven’t been out walking much lately, yesterday when I made my way to Cancun for dinner, that car not only didn’t stop, it didn’t even slow down. It does make my hair smell kind of like a margarita though, so that is a definite plus. I also think it feels softer after it dries and has some nice bounce to it. So if it’s not the Holy Grail, I’d say it’s at least a saint’s toe or finger.

Unfortunately though, this means my journey has yet to come to an end. Tomorrow I will no doubt find myself parked in the hair care isle, reading all the pretty bottles of shampoo I have yet to try. I know it’s out there somewhere, I just have to keep searching. With my luck, the Nazi’s have already stolen it.



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2 responses to “The Holy Grail of hair care

  1. I can totally relate! I read this and thought this is exactly what I’ve been going through although I finally gave up on the shampoo and found a great hairstylist which did the trick but I still would like to find that PERFECT shampoo.

  2. beetqueen

    Check out….they do have some freakin’ great products. As for the stylist thing, it won’t matter, I am hopeless when it comes to doing anything with my hair. I’m a hair disaster.

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