My latest addiction

So I gave in and joined the myspace revolution. It’s not that I have anything against myspace, per say, it’s just that I have dial up at home and the site is banned at work, so the time required to get a really great page going, chat with friends and keep a blog up never really seemed that appealing. Plus, all of my students have pages and I didn’t want to be that teacher, trying desperately to hang on to the last shred of her youth. Not to mention that we’ve had more than one teacher’s meeting about the dangers of myspace. We actually had a girl from one of the middle schools go missing with someone she’d let be her friend. He turned out to be like 40 and definitely not a good guy. Our tech guy showed us how easy it was to find out personal info on myspace and I figured it would be seconds before my students found mine. I’d either have to keep it squeaky clean or not have one at all. So I figured it was better to be safe than sorry.


Ok, that’s only partly true. I also have a bit of an addictive personality at times and I knew that once I got on, I’d get hooked.*


An old friend of mine had pictures of her kids on her page and I wanted to see them. I didn’t realize I’d have to sign up for myspace in order to view them. So, I signed up. I toured her site, looked at her pics, read some of her bulletins and then looked at her friend list. I noticed several of my old friends from high school were linked to her page. Now, I know a lot of people had miserable, angst ridden high school experiences. They hated everyone and everyone hated them. I was not one of those people. I’m not claiming to have been popular, I mean I had glasses, was 2nd in my class, overweight and was always at least two fashion trends behind, but, I also went to a small school literally plopped in the middle of a cornfield, where these things were often overlooked. I had a pretty big circle of friends which included cheerleaders, musicians, artists and I even sort of dated a basketball player for about two years. Aside from my fairly non-existent love life (note the sort of comment), high school was pretty darn good times for me. So, I actually wanted to reconnect with these people.


Just as I thought, I was hooked. I spent several hours searching my high school’s records for myspace friends. I sent half a dozen messages out hoping for potential “friends.” I started filling in parts on my page. I was actually thrilled my husband discovered we were getting free wireless on our patio so I didn’t have to share my computer time.


When I looked at the clock and realized how late it was getting**, I reluctantly signed off. I forced myself to go to bed, but I couldn’t sleep. I was laying in bed wondering who would write me back and who wouldn’t. I was making lists of things I needed to know in order to make my page look better. I was worrying that I hadn’t set my privacy standards high enough and that some kid was looking at my page. I ended up getting back up, checking my page again. Then the baby woke up, which forced me to stop playing online and do something productive.


This morning when I woke up, I could feel the bags under my eyes sagging even lower than usual. I could barely muster a smile at my angelic little boy. What was the first thing I did? Plunked him down in his buzzy seat and jumped right online. I knew I should have resisted. I’m hooked though. I’m only glad this time I won’t have to sacrifice a virtual pet when I have to get “clean.”


*At my old school, we had completely unfiltered internet access and since I had two hours in a row off (one for lunch and one for prep), I kind of got a little addicted to neopets. I may have spent more than one two hour break doing nothing but trying to buy virtual food cheap so I could sell it on my own little black market to finally get that adorable color for my neo-alien cat thing.


**Keep in mind that I have a new baby, so late to me is like 10:30. I know in the “real world” all my friends live in, this is both a reasonable and early hour.



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2 responses to “My latest addiction

  1. Oh my gosh! I cannot believe you of all people have a myspace! I totally got rid of mine. I was getting cyberstalked by some creepy dude. Trust me, it is not worth the trouble!

  2. beetqueen

    I have it set to private so only people I invite can see my stuff. I think that helps avoid the cyberstalking. Plus, you are way cuter than I am!

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