Fox hates Nathan Fillion*

I don’t get addicted to that many TV shows. Probably more than I should considering the to be read pile stacked vertically on my bookshelf, but still, if I actually take the time to consistently watch a TV show, it’s usually something pretty decent. By pretty decent, I mean smart dialogue, good acting and a plot that is interesting and keeps me guessing at least a little. Sadly, many of my TV loves have gone off the air: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Six Feet Under, Rome and Gilmore Girls to name a few. Notice, I didn’t say I was adverse to geeky shows. In fact, I love a good geeky show, especially if it has good literary references, as all of these did.


Lately HBO has been taking over as the purveyor of my favorite TV shows. Big Love and Entourage are in my top five. In fact, the only other shows I watch these days are The Office, My Name is Earl and ER. Once I get caught up on Lost, I plan to start that again, but I got into the game late and spent the later part of my pregnancy Netflixing the first two seasons. We actually finished up the night after my son was born. Too bad the third season was already over halfway over. I actually had one more show I had taken a bit of an interest in this season, but after only four episodes, Fox decided to yank it from the airwaves.


Drive, starring Nathan Fillion, is Fox’s latest victim. This is a fate that is all too familiar for poor Nathan. Several years back Fox doomed his series Firefly by playing episodes out of order**, skipping episodes and canceling the show midseason so there was no time for any sort of wrap up. The fans were outraged and called for closure. Luckily, the show’s writer, director and general genius extraordinaire, Joss Whedon actually listened and gave the show it’s deserved conclusion with Serenity. Nathan, it seems will have no such luck with Drive.


Let me be clear, I don’t think Drive was a great show. Certainly not up there with any of the other shows I’ve listed (except maybe ER which has slipped, but I’ve been a fan so long…). The dialogue was ok, the plot a little convoluted and there were an awful lot of characters to keep track of. But who cares? It was a fun show. I was entertained while I watched it. It was improbable, sure, but I enjoyed it. It was getting decent reviews. Most said the same basic thing I did. Fox, however, gave it four episodes and pulled the plug. What in the world can anyone judge from four episodes?


I was briefly excited when I saw that tonight the final two episodes were supposed to be on. I set my DVR up to record them while I put my son to bed. When I came out though, the DVR light was not on. What had only two days before clearly said Drive with the record icon next to it, now said Anger Management, that movie starring Adam Sandler. What?!?! Fox not only gave the show no real chance, but then told fans they would get some sort of closure and then took it away? Not cool.


I don’t know why I’m surprised though, Fox has a history of doing evil things like this. Look at how they destroyed Futurama. They constantly showed it preempted so the episode was essentially lost, then cancelled it. When other interested parties wanted to continue the show because the fan base was obviously there and calling for it, they refused to sell it. They didn’t want to make it themselves, but they didn’t want anyone else to have it either. Reunion, a show I briefly was interested in received a similar fate, and considering it was a murder mystery that only seemed slotted for one season, it couldn’t have been too hard to get to the end and reveal the murderer and how they got so far from being friends. But no, Fox couldn’t do that. They pulled it off, leaving me to wonder.


There is not a single thing left on Fox worth watching. If they didn’t buy in to American Idol years ago, I doubt they’d have anyone watching considering how quickly they pull all of their good shows. But, I guess they give people what they want. Not shows with witty dialogue and good acting, but reality based shows with bad singers, dancers and Americans making asses of themselves in front of “celebrity” judges who make snide remarks. Fox sucks! But then again, so do the people who turn in for yet another season of “So You Want to Make a Complete Moron of Yourself and Ruin TV for Everyone Else.” 

*I, however, love him, and as Mal on Firefly, he is definitley in my top 5

**Fox actually showed the pilot as the second episode it aired.



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5 responses to “Fox hates Nathan Fillion*

  1. Futurama is going to be coming back, temporarily at least, next year. Matt Groening is going to do four episodes straight-to-DVD and Comedy Central is getting 13 episodes.
    Don’t get my started on Fox and Arrested Development. My poor heart can’t take it.

  2. beetqueen

    Man, why did you have to remind me about Arrested Development. Now I have to go sit and sulk all over again!

  3. dexter will prevail!

  4. JJ

    I downloaded DRIVE on a lark. Yes, the plot is very convoluted. And that probably hampered acceptance. But boy oh, boy… we had character development, good acting, and fair to good scripts. Only one Character that I think they could have minimized a lot more: the single hair-brain mother. WHO WROTE HER DIALOG! Geesh.
    I fast forwarded through most of that. And some of the chase scenes.

    But over all, I give it 4 to 5 stars. And I don’t watch ANY TV … well, one television show in the last 10 years: Sarah Connors Chronicles… and obviously, that is a movie tie-in.

    I bought the DVD’s of Firefly, and that was enjoyable. And now, I downloaded DRIVE. VERY GOOD. And when Television can capture my interest, well, it says something.


  5. Keely Chow

    Message to Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network: Bring back the DCAU so there can be a Justice League spin-off staring Vigilante with Nathan Fillion reprising his role as the voice of Vigilante.

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