British nudity is funny stuff

Leave it to the Brits to make a mockumentary about weddings and include a naturalist (read nudist) couple. If Confetti had been made in the states, I doubt there would have been quite so many penises flopping about. I’m actually ok with that fact, but I have to say with all the female full frontal nudity in movies, it’s nice to see a movie that balances the scales a little. Don’t worry guys, there are plenty of breasts flopping around too. And yes, they are rather floppy. Again, if this movie had been made in the states, I fear the naturalist couple would have been played by Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt. A couple audiences may want to see naked, but considering the reality of most nudist colonies, Confetti is much more accurate. And isn’t accuracy what you want in a mockumentary? Well, if not, the realism makes it even funnier.


I wasn’t sure what I’d get from a movie whose premise is a magazine sponsored “Most Original Wedding” contest. The weddings though, are really original. The cast, comprised of several British comedians I’ve seen before, including Arthur Dent of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame, does a superb job of displaying all the jitters, fights and competition that would no doubt go into a contest like this. The story, which according to Netflix is unscripted is funny and even my husband who at first turned his nose up at it, ended up laughing out loud.


One of my favorite scenes is when the magazine execs tell the naturalists they can’t have a nude wedding. They are flummoxed by this as their entry into the contest was for a nude wedding and the same execs picked them for the final three. During the middle of the meeting, the husband to be starts stripping off his clothes and going off on a tirade about how they can be expected to have a naturalist wedding with clothes. He storms out of the office, and one can only assume out into the streets with every bit of flesh exposed. The planners, trying to keep the couple in the game suggest to the bride to be that her fiancé has gotten too used to her in the buff and that he might actually find a wedding dress sexy, as it will be so unusual to him.


Although the couple who deserves to win the most does, I actually think the tennis wedding is the most unique. I don’t want to spoil it, but vows timed to tennis swings, dancing ball boys and a minister acting as a judge, scoring their vows all make it an event to remember.


Later there is a song and dance number, where good ol’ Arthur Dent reveals he has a lovely singing voice.


I know this seems like a bit of a movie review, but since it only played briefly in the arts theater, I’m guessing many people missed this one. Add it to your Netflix queue or rent it if you can find it at Blockbuster. Definitely worth it.


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