Things that smell so bad, I wish I didn’t have a nose

I have just been reminded as to why I never buy my cats wet food. It smells! Not only does the little room where the food is stink, but my family room, kitchen, dining room and living room all smell like some sort of unidentifiable fish product. The food itself doesn’t even look like any kind of fish I’ve actually seen before. To start with, it’s really slimy. I also find it really odd that it is pink in spots and a grayish brown in others. I realize cats aren’t nearly as picky as I am, I mean they are perfectly happy to sniff each other’s butts, but the odor is atrocious.


So if I hate the food so much, why in the world did I buy it for them? Well, I didn’t. I got it as a sample online from Wal-Mart. It’s been sitting on the shelf for about a week now. I knew it would be gross, but I figured it couldn’t sit there forever, so I bit the bullet and opened the packet. The stink was overwhelming, but once the packet was opened, there was no turning back. Jenkiss had gotten a whiff and there was no way I could get out of putting it down. I think I might have been brutally attacked if I had taken even four more steps with it. I was actually worried that Olivia wouldn’t get a lick of it. I had to set her a small plate aside just so she had a chance to taste it.


After only a few minutes of having it in the house, I was sorry for putting it out. I’m already missing the small pellets of food I usually put out. Granted, I hate stepping on them when I go to feed them in the morning, but at least they don’t smell.


Tragically the cat food is not the only entrée in this house to put off an unpleasant scent. Formula is horrible. The first time I made it, I had to double check the expiration on it. I was sure, and I’m sorry for this Eee, that it had to be spoiled. I wasn’t entirely sure how powder spoils, but when it hit my nostrils, I knew something had to be wrong. As it turns out, nothing ones. Each subsequent can of formula has that same malevolent odor to it. I don’t know how my son can drink it. Well, he’s a baby; he doesn’t know any better. He has not yet tasted amazing things like frozen blueberry custard or heck, regular old milk.


The foul stench of their meals are just one of the many things it seems babies and cats have in common. Eee and I came up with a rather impressive list one day while sitting at Lulu’s sipping chai. It may seem offensive to some to compare my son, seeing as how he does possess at least ¼ of my DNA*, but I love my cats and refer to them as his big brother and sister, so it’s not really that bad.


I am really tempted to go take the plates and throw away the rest of the food, but I know I’ll have a small mutiny on my hands if I do. Still, I don’t think all the air freshener in the house can defeat the heinous odor that permeates it. I just hope they finish it soon.  Next time anyone offers me a free sample of any cat food, I think I’ll pass.


*No, I’m not actually this bad at math, but everyone who sees my darling baby says either, “Wow, he looks just like your husband” or “Huh, does he look like your husband?” If he had not physically come out of me, I’d wonder.


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