I changed my mind, car repair is highway robbery

On Thursday I went to roll up my window and instead of hitting the driver’s window button, I hit the rear passenger window. Normally this is not a big deal, especially since it was already up. This time though, it made a horrible grinding sort of noise. Instead of leaving it alone, hoping it might fix itself, as I do whenever my check engine light comes on, I tried to roll it down. It went down, with a similar grinding noise, which bothered me. I was even further disturbed when I attempted to reverse my foolishness and nothing except the horrible noise happened. The window, it seemed, was stuck.


Once the car had come to an actual stop, I tried my hand at fixing the problem. I pulled on the glass and it did go up, but it didn’t quite meet up with the felt-like material on the edge of the window. There was actually a pretty considerable gap. Then, it started sliding back down. To my horror, it actually slid further down than before. My car, like a great many others these days, has those annoying child-proof windows that are no doubt if you actually have a kid dumb enough to want to catapult himself from the window and you as a driver are so oblivious to the world around you that you don’t notice your kid unbuckling himself from his car/booster seat, standing up and preparing to jump, however, since until recently no child had ever ridden in my back seat, the partially rolling ability of my windows frustrates anyone in need of fresh air more than anything else. The descent of the glass had gone beyond the boundaries of the normal child-proof window and looked like a regular one. Granted, one with a large gap in it, but fresh air was flying in everywhere.


Thankfully it is summer. If the window had broken during February, it might have been a bit stickier of a situation. Then again, if it was February, this never would have happened, because I keep my windows shut up tight when the temperature dips below about 60. I didn’t, however, fancy the idea of driving my car around with a gaping hole in the backseat where now anyone, not just a small child or emaciated thief could get in to it.


Over the weekend I had to resort to driving my husband’s car everywhere. It probably wasn’t necessary as I went to Marsh and the Super Target in Carmel and both had much nicer cars than mine littering their lots. Still, someone might see my land cruiser and think old eccentric rich lady*, hoping a purse or diamond tiara would be laying around. My husband rolled his eyes, but even after living in Indiana now for over half my life, I still have my mother’s neurotic voice in my head lunging toward the car locks the second we were in. There is no way she would have ever left her car unlocked once she was out of it. If growing up in Southern California taught me anything, it’s that everyone’s a thief.


Today I took my car into the shop. My husband assured me it would take 20 minutes to fix. He was right about that. Unfortunately, first they had to diagnose the problem. That took a good forty minutes. Then they had to see if they could get the part, because although they have several front window cable motor thingys, they had none for the back doors. And they are just different enough that they aren’t interchangeable. Figures. Then I had to call and wait to be picked up. He misunderstood, so I waited an extra half an hour. All told, I was there for just about two hours. On the plus side, they had muffins, soda and bottled water for the taking. Plus, they have a flat screen plasma TV with Dish network. Unfortunately, I had the baby and to entertain him, I ended up watching Noggin.


We had to swap cars since mine wouldn’t be ready for several more hours. They could get the part today, but not for at least three more hours and I was not waiting around. All this hassle ended up costing me $436.89. I really wish it was February!


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One response to “I changed my mind, car repair is highway robbery

  1. La

    I had a friend who drove this early 1990-something Nova. He’d leave the doors unlocked, windows down, and keys in the ignition in the hopes that someone would steal it because he hated the car so much. No car thief in NW Indiana had the heart to take it off his hands. My bet is that you would have been safe in Caramel. 🙂

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