Leaving the baby behind

I got to go out today! Granted, I leave the house most days, but usually to head to places like Target to pick up more formula, Marsh to get groceries or Lulus to catch a quick chai with Eee. All of these outings always require my latest accessory: the baby. Today I get to go on a different outing. A grown up outing.

I got four and a half hours out of my house with my bestest friend. I ate at a restaurant using both hands to to cut my meal into bite-sized pieces instead of stabbing pointlessly at it with a fork in one hand and a wiggling the fingers on the other in an attempt to amuse my son long enough to avoid that ear shattering baby scream that garners glares from the other patrons. I got to linger over dessert talking grown up talk. Never once did I have to wipe spit off of anyone or sniff the air quickly to see if that smell was eminating from the small one on my lap.

 Then, I got to go to a shoe store and while I didn’t buy anything, I got to consider a really cute pair of yellow Chuck Taylor’s with a daisy and two lady bugs scampering across the toe. They don’t match a single thing I own because nothing in my closet is that shiny sunshiney butter colored yellow, but I got to go back for a second look without having to whisper the words to “Old McDonald.”

As if all this wasn’t enough, I got to see a movie in an actual theater. I’ve been longing to sit in semi-comfortable theater seats while middle-aged Carmelite women wearing far too much make-up and obnoxiously large jewerly make what they believe are insights into the plot in voices so loud they can only be talking to the entire audience, only to find out that nothing they predicted happens. Not to worry though, since they were predicting the entire movie, they had lots of chances to be wrong. I also got to watch my best friend get increasing irritated and hear her repeated shushings raise in volume each time. The movie was pretty good too!

I love being a mom, I really do. The movie, Waitress,* reminded me of that, but I also really miss being able to go out when I want, watch what I want and eat whatever I want without having to risk a baby meltdown. I know these days won’t come around as often anymore, which just makes them really special, and, as it turns out, something to blog about.

*If you have not seen the movie yet, get off your duff and go. It is a great story and stars Nathan Fillion, who I’ve already mentioned I adore. He is just so cute. Damn Fox again for cancelling his show!


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One response to “Leaving the baby behind

  1. gb

    Owning a baby is gross.

    Gimme those shoes.

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