Day 1

No time for idle chat as the family could show up at any second. They had to stop at the drug store and get gas before returning to the house. They’ve been here since 1pm and it’s been one of the longest days of my life. Dinner tonight was another restaurant fiasco, but at least I helped keep the toddler in his seat for most of the evening. Cars dove off the side of the table, chips were crushed and a rock hard bun was sent back to the kitchen admist cries of protest, but I survived. I think the baby might be a pteridactyl in disguise. He screeched, then contorted his body to try to escape, then screeched again.

My baby, however, was an angel. He only whimpered when I took away his bottle for a second and when I put him in his seat. Gotta go…they’re back!

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