The end of summer vacation

Today is my last day of freedom…sigh. I know that some might argue that since I don’t actually go back to work until Monday that Sunday will be my last carefree day of summer, but the way I look at it, even during the school year I don’t have to go in to work on the weekends, so they don’t count as part of my vacation.

In honor of our last days of lazy indulgence, Eee and I started with brunch at Cafe Patachou. One of the nicest things about being one of the daytime people is that we’ve actually been able to enjoy going to some of our favorite restaurants. Patachou, while incredibly tasty, is also incredibly packed every single moment it is open on the weekends. Getting a table even at the not quite breakfast, not quite lunch hour of say 10:15 on a Saturday requires a minimum of thirty minutes wait time. Even on a weekday, the typical workingman’s lunch hours of 11-1 are so packed that you have to put your name in and diligently stand eyeing all the other patron’s plates greedily until someone decides to finish their last swig of latte and leave. Over the past four months, since we’ve had almost no time constraints, Eee and I have found the secret to eating at places such as this. Get there by 10:45. It’s late enough that eating lunch is justifiable, but still early enough that office workers aren’t pouring out in droves to find sustenance. Although it is earlier than I like to eat and leaves me wanting a snack by 3pm, their chicken salad is the best I’ve had in Indy (and I’ve about eaten my weight in it trying to find anything better) and their cinnamon toast is so wonderful, that even if I feel I might vomit, I have to finish every morsel. The food today was no exception, and since the boy was taking a break from working after getting in at 2am from a sales conference in Arizona, I was sans bambino, which made the cinnamon even sweeter.

After a leisurely lunch, we headed to the mall for a truffle. Much to our delight, Godiva was also celebrating the end of summer with a special on all their summer flavors. If it hadn’t been somewhere in the upper 90’s yet again today, I definitely would have bought an entire package of berries jubilee truffles, but since our plans included one more stop and I wanted truffles, not chocolate goo, I just got one. It was hard to decide on only one item. While I may only eat one a day, when I go into Godiva, I always come out with a big bag and an empty bank account. How Ee has the willpower to get just one astounds me. Today they had just dipped an array of fruits, including the berry boats, which might be the best chocolate candy of all time. They even had some that were entirely raspberry, my weakness. The decision was made even harder by the nice, but overly zealous salesmen who always tries to badger us into buying more. It doesn’t matter that I’ll walk out with a bag of eight different truffles, two or three cordials and often a caramel or two, he always asks, “and what else for you?” And when  you try to tell him that’s it, he gives you that grandfatherly look like he’s somehow disappointed in you. Eee paved the way for me today by only getting one truffle. He badgered her, and she launched into a lengthy defense about hot weather, other places to go and being stuffed from a huge lunch. I only got the look from him.

Our final stop was the nail salon by our house. At first the plan was just to get manicures, but our feet, used to a summer of sandals, cried out for more. Instead, we got manis and pedis and boy, were they great! I sat back and relaxed as a young man, who could have been the main character in a work of anime massaged my feet. Or rather I tried to relax. My massage chair only had one working button and it was stuck on the masochistic setting, so what should have been a pleasant rolling motion felt more like someone throwing baseballs repeatedly at my back. And yet, I didn’t turn it off. The young man making my feet bearable to the human eye once again is a budding artist. His artwork adorns all the walls in the place. When he found out I was a teacher, we spent a lot of time talking about the art program at my school as well as his future plans as an artist. It turns out when he finishes art school he wants to open a gallery. I tried to be encouraging without actually commenting on any of his art. He’ll probably be a huge success…at least if he sells his art for reproduction to Wal-Mart. A nice, super sweet guy, but his art is the stuff trailer walls are hung with.

Eee and I parted ways after our pampering was finished. She headed for the fair to eat her way through vats of fried delights and no doubt at least on World’s Largest Strawberry Shortcake. I, however, had my first taste of school. Tonight was the back to school teacher’s party. I thought it was going to be a cookout like last year, so we didn’t eat any dinner. I hadn’t eaten since 10:45 or so, so by the time we got there a little after 6:30, I was hungry. It turns out it was just the side dishes and desserts we staff members provided. Since we were the third people there, the tables were basically empty. There was plenty of booze though, so I got no complaints from my husband. I tell you, teachers can really booze it up in their free time. We aren’t just talking some beer and a box or two of wine. There were large bottles of the hard stuff and I know my husband had at least one rum and diet Coke. Since he was making it, I can only imagine there was little of the diet drink involved.

We had to leave a little after 8 because the baby needed to sleep. So now, I am going to finish off my last day of freedom by curling up on the couch with my hubby and watching Monday’s episode of Big Love. I was good and saved it on the DVR until he got back from his conference. I’ll be in bed by 11 and my summer will officially end. Sigh…  


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  1. beetqueen

    Yes, all the best Pokemon eat there. Squirtel, I choose you!

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