More car repair nightmares

As unbelievable as it sounds, my car is broken again. It seems like only yesterday that I was stuck at the repair shop for hours and had to shell out nearly $500 to restore the ability to roll my back window up. While the date may be an exaggeration (it was actually one month ago yesterday), the cost certainly isn’t and the reality is that the exact same thing has happened. Only this time it’s the other back passenger window.


While we were returning home from a phenomenal dinner at Mudbugs*, my husband thought he heard a draft in my car. He began fiddling with the windows and rolled the back one down. It didn’t come back up. I immediately knew what was wrong. I’d struggled with the same button before, continually jabbing at it and muttering at the window to just roll up. No dice. He didn’t believe me though. Instead he chose to blame the baby shade which in no way could have caused the problem. As the window slipped further and further down, he assured me he would look at it when we got home. I tried to tell him it would be of no use as the window is definitely broken. I was right. It didn’t stop him from trying to fix it though.


He didn’t succeed in making my power windows miraculously work, but he did solve the problem, at least temporarily. Using some black electrical tape and his OCD as guides, he slowly pulled the window back into place and taped it to the window frame. I have to admit it is much more subtle than I thought it would be. I had flashes of plastic bags being duct taped to my window frame, announcing to the world that we are too poor to fix our car. This would look great in the teacher’s lot. I expected to open my door after the next rain to find small fish inhabiting the pond in my back seat. At first glance, I didn’t even realize what he’d done.


I’m still a little nervous it won’t hold out all the water because there is the tiniest of cracks between the window seal and the window itself. During the remainder of the summer and the early days of fall it won’t be a problem as the weather is still nice. We’ll have to get it in to the shop before winter though because even that small crack will make my car way colder than it needs to be. If it were just me I might be able to suck it up, but since I have to take my son to the babysitter, I’m not even going to risk it. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m a cold baby, I totally wouldn’t take it.


So it looks like I’ll have to shell out another $500 in the next month or so. I’m hoping it will hold out until fall break when I have some time to actually take it in. Otherwise I’ll have to switch cars with the boy and for all my complaining, I like driving my car more than I like driving his. I really hope it holds because this is three paycheck month and while that is always a lovely thing, the first two are still half paychecks left over from maternity leave, so this month is going to be more about catching up on bills than having any money to throw around on fun things like a movie date or the fancy brand of Ketchup. No, it’s still Yorktown goodies for us.


*Mudbugs, for those of you who have not tasted it yet is a fantastic little Cajun place in Carmelopia. I’m not usually one to sing the praises of anything in the town, but in this case, I’m willing to belt out the entire soundtrack. They are the makers of the amazing corn fritters I raved about in my fair blog and those fried balls of happiness come as a side to their equally tantalizing shrimp po’ boy. Not really a veggie friendly place so if you don’t eat any meat you may find yourself feasting on an extra order of hushpuppies (as they call them) and some of their potato salad (also really good). They don’t even have the standard veggie option of the iceburg lettuce salad. If you like seafood and spice though, this is the place!


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