I’m really sleepy and have a nasty headache, so tonight I’m phoning it in and you are getting another story from my someday to be book.



It’s amazing to me how a simple phrase can still send shivers down my spine, even after 8 years. I’m sure that after all this time you have forgotten your own words. I wrote them down. Repeated them to myself. Spent the next six months running over them in my head, sending myself into moments of unimaginable happiness. Eight years, and a thousand miles later, those same few words still have that power over me when I stumble over across them in my journal. I can’t help but wonder if you ever pause to think of that night. The two of us alone in your car, windows fogged, shirts unbuttoned, hair tousled, heavy panting and those few words. Can you picture it? Do you? I can tell you the exact shirt you unbuttoned so cautiously. Purple silk I kept three years longer than I should have, for memory’s sake. Do you see yourself reach for me, kiss my neck and say softly, I want to be in you. I want to feel you. I want to move with you.

We never did get that far then, my one regret. My do over moment in time. But sitting here, 8 years, 1000 miles and a million tears later, your words still hold me as firmly as your hands ever did. But more importantly, your words still give me goose bumps and I feel phantom kisses on my neck.

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