A day of minor annoyances

Today started off ok. The baby actually slept the entire way to the sitter’s. I left for work a few minutes earlier than normal, got into a nice traffic flow and made it to work nearly 10 minutes faster than usual. All signs pointed to a great Monday.

I should have known there is no such thing as a great Monday.

I tried to get copies made before school for my first period class. With twenty five minutes until the start of classes there was a line of five teachers, one of whom was down on  his hands and knees trying to find the mysterious paper clogging one of the machines which would not let it start again.  Realizing I needed the copies but there was no way to get them, I decided to modify my day. Now, I’ve been doing this whole teaching thing long enough to be pretty good at improv, but it was 1st block, I was tired and despite having marked up my copy of the Canterbury Tales with all sorts of great notes to teach from, I couldn’t find the quotes I wanted to share. With my sophomores this would have been no problem, but my AP kids noticed and the end of class bored them, a lot. Not that I really care about boring them, but I felt a little stupid for bumbling so much during my lecture.

I thought prep might make things better. I got everything I needed to do done in record time. I just needed to drop off some homework for a kid who has been absent for 10 days now and get those copies made. Homework got dropped off no problem. The copier was not so easy. The line was just as long now as it was this morning, only this time it was the home ec teacher who was bent over the copy machine searching for the lost piece of paper jamming the machine. Secretaries came in to try to remedy the situation. It didn’t work. I ended up spending almost half of my prep waiting to make 10 copies of a pretty short packet. I barely made it to my next class.

Since it was newspaper, it wasn’t a huge issue, but I really had to go to the bathroom and there just wasn’t any time. I spent the entire time fixing problems that my editors should have caught and trying to teach the new editors layout. A few were running late making last minute changes so I barely made it upstairs for my next class. I still had to go to the bathroom.

The rest of the teaching day was a bit better, but a conversation about a student with one of the new teachers kept me late at lunch and I had to return once again without stopping to relieve myself. By the end of last period I’d had to pee for four hours and I think I was dangeroulsy close to finding out if you can really blow a kidney by holding it in to long.

Newspaper after school went by quickly, but my contact at the printer’s decided to wait until today at 4:30 to send us our ads. This was, of course after almost every page had been laid out and there was no room for any of them. That means tomorrow we’ll have to reconfigure everything. Did I mention it has to be to the printers by 4:30 tomorrow and we only have 25 minutes in class to work on it? Ugh!

The ride back to the sitters went quicker than normal which made me happy. It was already late and I knew traffic would be bad once I hit the highway. I picked my smiling son up, popped him in the back and before I got too far down the block, he was asleep. All this would have made for a lovely drive home except I got stuck behind a mini-van going 10 miles under the speed limit through a no passing zone. Now, I’m not saying the driver needed to speed, but it was straight country roads. There are only two stop lights until the highway and there was no traffic in front of him for miles. Every time I inched it up to 42 or 43 miles, I almost came in contact with his bumper, so I backed back down to 40. He teased me a few times by speeding up a mile or two, but as soon as I picked up speed as well, he dropped right back down.

Thankfully this only lasted about 10 minutes, but it was a long, annoying 10 minutes. The rest of the drive was uneventful and fairly quick. I was at home and chowing down on spaghetti by 6 pm. Not too bad for a Monday, but now I have at least 50 essays to start grading, some of which are bound to still be horrible even after a second draft. I know, this is what I signed up for, but today was just full of small things that made life just a little more difficult to tolerate.

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