Signs do actually have meaning

As I was struggling to lug my nearly 19 lb. son and his 10 lb. car seat from my parking spot midway up the aisle into the grocery store this afternoon, I noticed a car dash into a space clearly marked for expecting mothers and parents with toddlers. Even though I don’t think anyone would actually throw a fit if I pulled into one seeing as I do have a baby to constantly haul around, now that I can once again walk comfortably but don’t have any children who can, I prefer to reserve these spaces for people who really need them. The woman who parked as my feet shuffled across the parking lot with labored steps clearly was not one of these people.

I know these spaces are not like the handicapped spaces. It is not illegal to park in them, however, it is courteous to save them for people who really need them.  By the time I got my son’s car seat into the cart, she had found her item and was already in the check out lane. I watched as she scurried back out to her car and drove off. This ticked me off. The woman who sprang from this car was not pulling any small children along with her. These spaces are also for pregnant women, and I’ll admit that in my 8th and 9th month when I was having intense pain because my little guy was laying on a nerve, I did take advantage of these spaces on the days the thought of walking any farther than I had to made me wince. She, however, didn’t look pregnant. I realize not everyone carries their pregnancies in the same way, but if she was pregnant, she couldn’t have been more than three months along, which is far too early to be milking the pregnancy space.

I know it’s not a life altering matter, but much like her, I only had a few items to pick up (actually six of the exact same item–jars of baby sweet potatoes). I wasn’t in the store more than a few minutes. I had had a long day at work and had family arriving at any minute. And yet I parked the couple of extra feet away from the door in order to make life a little easier for someone else who needed it. It irks me that she didn’t do the same.


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2 responses to “Signs do actually have meaning

  1. gb

    1. That baby is getting to be a not-baby. Pushing 20 lbs.!
    2. I didn’t know yer mom lived in DC.
    3. Louise Erdrich is a pretty good writer, though.

  2. beetqueen

    1. Believe it or not, 25% of all babies his age weigh more than he does, but only 10% are taller.

    2. She doesn’t. She lives in a Maryland suburb area.

    3. She is a decent writer, I’m not arguing that. I’m just not in love with The Beet Queen. I liked it fine, but not enough to devote most of my online identity to it based on the actual novel. I do, however, rather like the title.

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