When the DSL goes down, the world stops

I know I said this blog was moving way down my priority list, but last week I actually had a few free moments and wanted to write. I didn’t get to though because our DSL line decided to go down. It was down on Tuesday, came up briefly so I could write on Wed. and then went right back down again (while I was reading my favorite blogs).

My husband spent at least an hour over the course of several days talking to service reps over in India about how to get the DSL back up again. They finally sent someone from the phone company out yesterday to see where the problem was, and after a good half an hour, he concluded it had to be the modem. Another phone call today, some crafty computer work and a lot of uninstalling later, it appears the internet is back up in my home and boy am I thankful!

See, my best friend decided to go out of town this weekend. My husband invited a bunch of his card buddies over and they ended up spending the entire evening and sometime after I went to bed playing cards on the porch. After I got my son off to sleep and finished grading my second set of vocab tests, I was really bored. The internet wasn’t working though, so instead of catching up on blogs, sending out the latest pics of my son or just surfing around for things that interest me, I instead turned to TV and started watching some crappy movie with Jessica Alba and that guy that was in a Fast and Furious movie (I think). On the plus side I got all of my student’s journals graded, but I also spent about five hours grading yesterday and wow, that’s a lot.

We’ve only had DSL for a few months now. The phone company still claims we can’t get it here, despite being less than five minutes from a major metropolitan hospital and less than one minute from a school. So for the last two and a half years we’ve had dial up. If I hadn’t had enough daily frustration, I would get online maybe once every couple of days. Most days I just waited until I went to school since we have a super fast connection there. The only problem with that is that we also have major filters and so if it functions as entertainment, it’s out for me. For a couple of weeks I couldn’t even get my email to work because they blocked all outside email access. That was hellish.

Since we got DSL a few months ago, I’ve spent a lot of free time playing on the net. I’ve reconnected with old friends, found fun websites and taken up blog reading. These last few days have been awful. Even this morning when we wanted to take our son to the zoo, I couldn’t mapquest it, so I had to drive there from memory (I’ve only been twice before). Luckily I have a really good memory, but I hate driving places unless I really know where I am going. It makes me anxious.

But now that’s all behind me. I have the internet again and since I have all my tests and essays graded, I can once again tool around in cyberspace. Of course, I get a whole new crop of essays tomorrow, so my joy is sadly short lived.


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