Celebrities I’d like to have sex with

On my commute home this afternoon, my mind began to wander. Not in the “oh my god, where did that cement divider come from” sort of way, but more in the “wow, another hour long drive down the same boring stretch of highway, I wonder what I can think about to keep me from driving into that cement divider” kind of way. For some reason, I thought back to the list.

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the concept of the list. It’s that list of famous people you are allowed to sleep with regardless of relationship status. If for some reason an opportunity to have sex with a person on your list actually comes up, you can feel free to take it and anyone you are dating/married to has to be ok with it. Heck, they have a list too and you promise to be good with it as well. Friends did an episode about it once where Ross ditched Isabella Rossellini because she was too international for some figure skater person, and then promptly ran into Ms. Rossellini. She wasn’t on his list though, so even if she had been wacky enough to say yes, she was off limits.

My friends and I had all talked about the list long before we saw the episode. Every now and again at parties or random dinner gatherings we would check to see who was on everyone else’s list. I remember being perplexed at K’s choice of Glenn Close considering we were like 19 and she was older than his mother. Then again I’m not sure if my pick of Eric Stoltz, but only as Keith from Some Kind of Wonderful was really any less eccentric.  

We haven’t talked about our lists in the past few years, mostly because I suspect we’ve grown up and matured a little. Or at least found more socially concious things to talk about. But, as I still had 30 minutes to go and my mind was dancing off into the past, I decided today would be a good day to update my list. So, here you go:

5. John Krasinski (Jim from The Office)-From his slightly chubby face, to his shaggy hair, I find everything about him adorable. I’m not entirely sure I want to have sex with him nearly as much as I want to cuddle with him and trade schemes to drive Dwight crazy, but man, I know I look forward to seeing him every Thursday night. He’s witty with just a touch of a mean streak that really amuses me. Plus, whose heart didn’t melt when he took Pam’s hand for the first time?

4. David Boreanez (formerly Angel, currently Booth on Bones)-While he was on some of my earlier lists due to his first three years on Buffy, I have to admit that when he went over to Angel and started to puff out a little bit, he was swept right off that #5 slot. I realize I have no right to condemn anyone for putting on a few extra pounds, but the last two seasons of Angel were not exactly kind to him. I’m not sure if he went the same alcohol route as former co-star Nicholas Brenden or if he preferred my method of packing on the pounds (cheeseburgers and chocolate truffles), but who cares because he’s back on TV and SUPER HOT again. I’m not usually a fan of murder/mystery/who-done-its, but I refuse to miss one episode of Bones.

3. Christian Bale-Ever since he played Laurie in Little Women, I’ve been smitten. He is the one constant on my list. He’s jumped around a bit in the rankings–plummetting a bit after that horrible remake of Shaft and surprisingly shooting back up the charts after American Psycho (all I have to say here is shower scene). Plus, he gets extra points for having a real British accent, which I totally admit I am an absolute sucker for. I’ll be in line on opening day for the next Batman.

2) Nathan Fillion (Mal from Firefly and Serenity)-At first I worried that my love for him would wane if he wasn’t playing that loveable rogue Malcolm Renolds, but after seeing him in both Slither and Waitress, I know my adoration is fixed like the North Star. Even the not so stellar show Drive had me tuned in and perched at the edge of my couch for all like what, three episodes that aired. I almost hate to admit this, but I even have a Serenity action figure. Sadly, although well done, it just doesn’t do his rakish personality or kissable boy next door sort of good looks justice. Sigh…

1) James Marsters (Spike from Buffy/Angel)-Ok, I know it totally says something that three of my top five are stars of now cancelled Joss Whedon shows, but what can I say? The man has a talent for picking incredibly hot guys and writing fascinating characters. I LOVE SPIKE. That is actually the catch for Marsters being my #1, he has to dress, look like and speak like Spike. I’m not sure what it is about his character, because pale skinned, slick backed bleach blonde hair is in no way my usual type. I can’t help it though, when he talks in his fake (but gorgeous) British accent, a part of me turns to goo. His such a smart ass and so calous at times, but I don’t care. I just want to have 10,000 of his babies. Well, I think you get the picture. And though I probably really shouldn’t admit this, I have two Spike action figures, a Spike mouse pad, a Spike bobble head, an autographed picture and I even bought his band’s CD. I am a super geek, I know it. I’m also a woman who knows what she likes.

So, that’s my top 5. I’m getting a bit more set in my ways as I get older and I can see this batch sticking around for awhile. If you too are bored at work, in the car, or just generally feel the need to ponder which celebs you’d like to have casual sex with, feel free to give me your top 5 too. Happy day dreaming.



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7 responses to “Celebrities I’d like to have sex with

  1. tim

    Nerdiest. List. Ever.

    Strangely, though, mine is the same as yours.

  2. The correct list is George Clooney, that guy who plays Sayid on “Lost,” male model/New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Gordon Bennett, and Master Chief.

  3. beetqueen

    I will totally give you that guy who plays Sayid. He was also in Bride and Prejudice and man, he is HOT!!!

  4. La

    Keanu Reeves – the dumb guy you’d like to keep in you closet and take out for special occasions…
    Alan Rickman – I have a thing for fugly, British actors and he’s my favorite out of all of them.
    Kevin Spacey – funny, funny guy, very talented, nice even voice
    Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes – probably the first guy to re-light my fire after two C-sections
    Tommy Lee – such a dirty boy

    I’m also allowed to have Roger Daltry sign my boobs if I’m lucky enough to cross his path.

  5. missanthropy

    Charlie and I have a list. His is just five women that he rattles off the top of his head once a year when I announce it’s time. Mine is a series of “but only if’s,” like Brad Pitt, but only if he looks like he did in Fight Club, or Keanu Reeves but only if he doesn’t talk, or Christian Bale but only if he speaks with anything other than his original accent and wears the Batman suit.

  6. beetqueen

    Gonna have to disagree and say Christian Bale but only if he’s speaking with his original accent. British boys are FREAKIN’ hot!

  7. missanthropy

    I like most English accents, but his isn’t my favorite. It sounds like the British version of a redneck accent. Isn’t that awful?

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