I was robbed!

Today I was robbed. Not in the typical someone broke into my house and/or car and took my personal property, but in the I was so close to winning something that the loss of it is slightly physically painful to me.

I had the radio on this afternoon on my drive home and once again the song of the day came on. Today I actually knew it, so despite my better judgement, I picked up the phone. I fumbled around with my phone, accidently hitting my call log instead of phone book. When I finally got to my phone book, I hit the down arrow, costing me a few more seconds as calls were no doubt flooding the studio.

To my absolute shock, the phone rang. I’ll be the first to admit that I have the radio station in my cell address book because when they have prizes I like, I’ve been known to call in. I have never gotten anything except a busy signal. When the phone actually rang, I was sure I’d gotten the wrong song and almost hung up in haste. I held on though and heard a voice say, “You just missed it, you’re caller 18.”

I couldn’t believe it. Caller 18? The next caller got to chose shoes or gas money. Not that I wanted the shoes, but free gas? That’s a no brainer. Seconds later, my husband called to talk to me. I told him that I’d just missed winning $300 in gas and he gave the appropriate “gosh, that sucks babe” response.

We hung up and I turned the radio back up just in time to hear the 19th caller’s voice. It turns out I was wrong about the shoes. They weren’t valued at $300; they were $500. I was seriously robbed!

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One response to “I was robbed!

  1. Tim

    I was caller 16. Annoooooy-ing.

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