Yesterday was my son’s first Halloween. And even though I know there is no way he can possibly remember it, I couldn’t help myself…I dressed him up. That’s right, I got him all decked out in a little dinosaur outfit and took him trick-or-treating. Now, before anyone chastises me for taking a baby who is not allowed to eat Cheerios, much less ooey-gooey Snickers bars, I didn’t use him as a ploy to get candy from the neighbors. In fact, we only went to two houses, my best friend’s and our neighbors two doors down. The only purpose of going to either was to show off my adorable son. Both places actually offered me candy (my best friend insisted…thanks again eee for the peppermint patty), but that wasn’t the point. After all, I had a whole bowl full back home. I just had to satiate yet another craving to dress my son up in something so adorable that I think my heart might actually explode as I ponder how much I love him. Sappy, I know.

The cool thing about it was that his first Halloween was just the two of us. Not that I wouldn’t have been happy to have my husband around, but he was off playing cards with his buddies. I know it probably sounds selfish, but I really like these little mommy and son moments. I know that all too soon he’ll be 11 and mortified by my existance or 15 and hating me, so I cherish these moments when I get to cover him in kisses and snuggle with him in the marshmallow chair. Not that he’s very keen on snuggling these days. He’s too busy rolling all over the living room floor. He barely takes breaks to try to stand up or to shove everything within reach into his mouth. I’m glad we got some special time, even if he won’t remember it. I will.

On a Halloween side note, I was surprised that we didn’t have very many teenaged trick-or-treaters. Considering the number of my students who said they were dressing up and going out, I thought we’d have more. There were only about five kids over the age of 12 who knocked on my door and three of them were walking around with younger kids.

I was, however, slightly appaled when a girl who must have been at least 8 looked at disdain at the fun size Snickers I gave her and said, “I don’t like Snickers, can I have a different one?” I couldn’t believe the audacity of the kid. I mean, if she was really little, like five, I probably wouldn’t have batted an eye, but she was definitely old enough to know better. Granted, I never really got to go scrounging the neighborhood for candy, but I never would have told someone I didn’t like their candy, much less asked for something else. It’s free candy. I would have taken it, waited until I got home and then switched it with something of my sister’s. I should have told her that’s why she had friends to trade with or pointed out how rude it was. I was so taken aback though that I just handed her a packet of Skittles. She continued to look at me with disdain, but at least she walked away.

If my kid is ever that rude, I’m taking all of his candy…instead of the customary 50% commision taken for escorting him safetly around the neighborhood. Extortion? Sure, but heck, he’s my kid. And if you can’t use your kids to relive your childhood and do all the things you never got to, what good are they?


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  1. La

    A story from a colleague – Her mom was sick of teenagers coming to her door with no costumes on to trick or treat. I mean, at least dress up for Pete’s sake. Anyway, she decided one year to give out pencils to all the teens who did not dress up and came to the door. Next morning, she found her front yard full of pencils. Awesome.

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