Not a real post

This is not a real post persay…I’m in far too foul a mood for that. I just want to know how in the hell anyone found my blog by typing in the words “Tom Brady Shower Scene.” Seriously, isn’t he like a football player or something? Why in the world would my blog come up in relation to football, let alone a shower scene with a football player?


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5 responses to “Not a real post

  1. It’s because in your post “Celebrities I’d Like to Have Sex With” you said, “All I can say is ‘shower scene.'” Meanwhile, down in the comments section Dale Cooper wrote about the aforementioned team leader of the New England Awesomes*.

  2. And, might I add, that now that you’ve written this post, both of them show up when you use that search phrase.

    Also, you love Tom Brady, which is why we don’t invite you over on football day.

  3. gb

    Here’s your chance to make a buncha new fans of your blog — you reeled them in with “tom brady shower scene” and now you need to hit ’em with something that keeps ’em.

  4. beetqueen

    You mean I have to be cleverer than a string of random words plucked from my blog? I give up.

  5. Morgan

    Hey…searching for the famous Tom Brady shower pics brought me here! lol….he’s the all-American male football player…makes gay boys football fans 😉

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