A holiday quiz

In honor of the holidays and my in-laws’ impending departure, I’ve put together this little quiz. The answers follow, but try not to cheat.

1) During their visit my in-laws drove me crazy in my own kitchen by doing all of the following EXCEPT:

            a) Not actually letting me prepare Thanksgiving dinner, but rather allowing me to

            merely chop some onions, toast some bread and mix some dry ingredients.

            b) Leaving dirty cups, dishes and silverware either in the sink or on the counter

            rather than tucking them away in the actual dishwasher

            c) Running my dishwasher, despite the fact that it was less than half full only

            because we’d put a meal’s worth of dishes in it

            d) Insisting on drying every dish by hand, despite our drying rack, therefore

            dirtying every kitchen towel I have and then when I try to get the new ones out to

            use, chastising me because I’ll dirty them

2) While visiting, my brother-in-law annoyed me by:

            a) Pointing out a store and asking us if we needed to go there. When we said no,

            insisting we go there anywhere, and then the minute we are in the door, turn and

            ask us what we need there. When we say nothing, he then walked through the

            store and rather loudly pointed out that his kid needed socks, hoping, I think, to

            get my father-in-law to buy them.

            b) Telling my father-in-law an absolute lie about why he got kicked out of his

            weekly card game that made him look like an absolute saint.

            c) Referring to my son all day by his initials.

            d) Making us change our plans yet again, because despite the fact that he knew we

            were going out for pizza, he supposedly ate it “every day this week.” So instead

            of going to the pizza place I really wanted to try, I got stuck going to the same

            Mexican place we go to all the time, where he drank the majority of the pitcher of


3) The most annoying change of plans this week was:

            a) My sister-in-law finally getting back to me about Thanksgiving, giving me

            grief about what they’d bring and then at the last minute calling to say that she

            and the kids wouldn’t be coming after all, so my meal for 12 was down to 8, after

            I’d already cooked for 12.

            b) My in-laws being constantly late to get back to our house and leaving when

            they were supposed to spend the entire day with us because my father-in-law had

            some chores to do at their house.

            c) Having to reheat dinner when my in-laws arrived because no one decided to tell

            us they were going to see my brother and sister-in-law first so they could go drop

            off some package to someone they’d never met before as a way to “help out.”

            d) Having my brother-in-law and nephew join us at the art museum, even though

            it was originally just supposed to be a foursome (and the baby)

4) Annoying things my in-laws did while at my house:

            a) Slamming doors, yelling across the house and turning the TV up really loudly

            despite knowing their young grandson was trying to go to sleep. All of these

            resulted in a crying baby at least once a night.

            b) Talking during every single movie we watched, including making repeated

            comments about how Hugh Grant should have been in An Ideal Husband because

            it was “his kind of role” and asking questions like “How are they all connected?”

            within the first five minutes of Fast Food Nation.

            c) Trying to involve me in constant political conversations, even though they

            know I don’t like politics much and I was trying to grade essays that needed my

            full concentration. Apologizing for bothering me and then proceeding to continue

            to ask me questions with important topics like whether or not I like Rosie

            O’Donnell (in case you are wondering, I couldn’t care less about her).

            d) The constant criticism of Fox News and yet the just as constant watching of it

            and the absolute inability, even after five days (and really two years) to figure out

            how the remote control works so that I have to stop what I am doing and switch

            on Fox News.


1) I know this is a hard one. All do seem like possible answers, but the winner is C. While they did not actually run my dishwasher after every meal like they do in their own home, I did have to endure multiple reminders that there were dishes in there that needed to be cleaned.

2) This is actually a bit of a trick question, I’ll admit it. All of them are things my brother-in-law has done. The first two I just heard about from my husband and while they add to the growing list of annoying things he’s done, they didn’t really bother me at all. C is something he does quite often, but somehow he managed not to do it the entire day on Thanksgiving. The answer, my dear friends, is D. It’s the only one he did directly in my presence, but he kept going on and on about it (including talking about how awful the pizza place is, which I know to be a lie) and once again, all the plans changed because he whined.

3) While each one annoyed me a bit at the time, in hindsight, dinner without the kids meant my son napped the entire time, which was actually nice. My in-laws being late meant more time to goof off and be “normal,” which was also stress-relieving. C really annoyed me at the time, but the dinner still tasted great and got rave reviews. I’m going to go with D, because the time spent at my house before hand and most of the time spent in the museum consisted of my nephew talking about cards from his collectible card game that almost drove me to physical violence, aimed at his father for not telling him to change the damn subject.  

4) I apologize. This is also a trick question. All of these answers are right.

Happy holidays. Wow, this was a great four day weekend off of work. Oh wait, I still have all that work to finish. Wow…I can’t wait until Christmas.

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One response to “A holiday quiz

  1. nanceereeves

    Why don’t you give me the recipe for that fancy relish? Yes, I know that is the last thing you ever expected to hear from me, but I really love relish and no one else cares at all, so if I want it, I gotta make it.

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