On the flip side

Now that my in-laws have been out of my house for a full 12 hours and I have had a chance to sit back and gain some perspective, I feel I must acknowledge that they aren’t actually bad people. No, this isn’t a forced revelation because my husband read my last post (I doubt he did, he rarely does), but rather, I feel I am misleading the blogosphere a little by painting my in-laws out to be the worst house guests in the history of all house guests.

With the exception of my brother-in-law, who my nicest comment about is usually, “wow, I didn’t want to bash his head in with a shovel today,” the rest of my in-laws are actually caring and fairly considerate people. During their six day stay with us, my father-in-law helped my husband rake our entire back yard, which, was quite a feat. He also saved my Thanksgiving butt, by getting a pre-cooked turkey from the store after I found out (from my mother-in-law) that you have to defrost a turkey 1 day for every five pounds. Considering it was Tuesday night and I hadn’t even bought our turkey yet, they both showed amazing patience and flexibility when trying to scrounge up a turkey. My father-in-law even paid for it and had no problem with the fact we had a bunch of extra fixings that came with the meal.

During their stay they treated us to lunch at the art museum, as well as tickets to see the special exhibit. They took the entire family (minus my brother-in-law’s kids–his choice) out for Mexican food, which included three pitchers of margaritas. They even got my husband a bottle of Jack Daniels when they popped out to the liquor store for more Scotch.

On Thanksgiving day, they helped keep the mess in control by constantly doing the dishes, even after the meal when we all felt our stomachs might explode.

They spent a lot of time snuggling, feeding and playing with my son. Considering they are in their 60’s, they spent a lot of time on the floor.

On their last night in town they took us out to a spectacular Turkish meal, complete with appetizers and dessert. I have to admit that the baklava was AMAZING! As was the bite of the strange shredded wheat/cheese/honey syrup dish my mother-in-law cut off for me before she even tried it herself. She didn’t even take an exchange piece of my baklava.

Plus, they did take us to Ireland two years ago, which resulted in the birth of my son.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, they do frustrate the hell out of me at times. They can be rude, inconsiderate and the plans change so much, my head whirls, but over all they are pretty darn nice people.

While I’m certainly glad they are now home safe and sound and that there probably won’t be another visit until my son’s first birthday, all in all, it was a pretty good Thanksgiving break.

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One response to “On the flip side

  1. Eee

    What have I told you about being thankful! It’s like you don’t even listen to me.

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