It’s the little things

Because I have a stack of research papers waiting to be graded, I thought I’d put together a list of things that are currently annoying me:

1) Research papers, or rather getting a one paragraph “paper,” despite kids having nearly three weeks to work on it and pretty much only it.

2) The kid getting annoyed when he found out he’s not really getting any credit for it. He thought he’d at least get a D.

3) My husband at the last apple.

4) People who either drive 35 mph or 65 mph on snow covered highways. Come on people, there is a happy, safe medium.

5) My high school friends posting pictures on MySpace of the fun mini reunion they got to have while I was stuck hosting my in-laws.

6) The guidance counselors putting a kid in my class who I’ve already had, has already failed with me and drives me absolutely crazy.

7) Having to put my son to bed all by myself. I realize single mom’s do this all the time, but it’s really, really hard.

8) The fact that chocolate tastes so darn good and has so many damn calories.

9) Cold weather.

10) Having 35 kids in each of my English classes next semester and having to grade 8 essays from each of them in addition to all their other homework and tests. All because our corporation doesn’t want to shell out money to hire new teachers because darn it, their taxes are too high as it is.


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