A rant deferred

I was going to rant tonight. I really want to rant tonight, but as I am so angry and annoyed that I might actually spill way too many details and actually run the risk of someone I work with reading this, knowing exactly who I am talking about (and want to cause physical harm to right now), I think I need to take a night off, eat one of those amazing Christmas brownies that arrived on my doorstep today, watch the final episode of Tin Man and knock a few research papers off the pile instead.

I will, however, leave you all with a thought and a question.

Thought: Guidance counselors are quite possibly the most useless individuals on the face of this planet.

Question: Has anyone out there actually ever received any real help or valuable guidance from one of these sub-human creatures?


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2 responses to “A rant deferred

  1. A guidance counselor once advised me to drop the AP classes, skip college and just go to work in the factory my dad worked in.

    Actually, I might have a lot less debt, now that I think about it. And I would have never worked in country radio.

    Nope, he was right. You lose. Sorry.

  2. La

    The gc we had at good ole WHS told me I wasn’t smart enough to take physics. Now mind you, I was in the 98th percentile for any state testing they threw at us, and was a straight ‘A’ student until the 9th grade, when I decided to play lazy and flaky instead of just flaky.

    I ended up not only doing well in Physics when I took it at Purdue, I ended up with an ‘A’.

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