Yeah, yeah, I know it’s trite, but I’m starting off this year (and this blog) with my New Years’ Resolutions. Like most Americans, I will no doubt break nearly all of them by the end of this month, but also, like most Americans, I am going into them with the full intention of actually keeping them. So, here they are:

1) Get back to my pre-baby weight: I would wager that nearly every single person who actually still makes these resolutions has resolved to lose weight. In order to give myself a bit more of a fighting chance at keeping this one, I actually started my diet four days ago. I know, not much of a jump start on the new year, but every extra day on the diet is one day closer I am to getting off the diet and just focussing on maintaining. I’m actually pretty good at the maintaining thing. When I lost the weight the first time, I managed to keep it off (and even drop a few more pounds here and there) for close to three years. The forty pounds I gained with my son brought me way too close to fitting in to all my old fat clothes, which unfortunately I threw out, so right now I have six pairs of pants and a hand full of skirts to get me through the winter. I refuse to buy any new clothes because eventually I am going to kick this extra baby blubber and be able to fit into my super cute jeans, even if I can only wear them to work on Fridays.

2) Use the treadmill that is currently gathering dust and doubling as a drying rack at least three times a week for exercise purposes: This one definitely goes along with #1, but the eating less part is way easier for me than the exercising aspect of a diet. I can slash calories by cutting out oils and dressings. I can reduce my sweets drastically and even fool myself that chocolate flavored rice cakes are real chocolate. I can even skip the toffee cookies at my favorite coffee house, but after putting in a 10 hour day (including my commute), the idea of getting on the treadmill actually seems to wear me out more than walking/running on it for 30 minutes would. I psych myself out and convince myself I am way too tired to exercise. I mean since I only had 1215 calories, I don’t actually need to jog, right? This will be the hardest part of my resolution, but I really, really need to do it. It’s good for me. Like broccoli…but I don’t like that much either.

3) Finish my lesson plans in the first month of the semester: I think this is doable if I really concentrate on it. I should only have to fix one semester’s worth of plans, but if I can get it done in the first month, I can use my prep time to actually get some grading done so that when I get home at night I only have say 50 essays to grade instead of the 60 that were in the pile. Yeah, that whole 35 kids a class thing is going to be GREAT!

4) Spend more time with my son without the TV on: I know TV isn’t good for kids, but he’s only 10 months old and while he is adorable and I LOVE him, he’s not always that interesting to play with. He spent a good five minutes trying to grab a piece of carpet fuzz that just wasn’t budging. Cute, yes. Entertaining? Not after the third time he’s done it in one day. However, instead of defaulting to watching something on TV while he’s grasping at fuzz or mesmerized by the hallway light, I need to get down on the floor and play games with him or read to him more. Granted, I read at least two books a day to him, but I want him to adore books the same way I did as a kid, so I think I might have to step it up a little.

5) Cut back on nagging my husband: This might be the hardest one to stick to. I’m really going to try though. I don’t really mean to nag him. If he would just do things like I ask him to (for example, put the dishes in the dishwasher instead of leaving them in the sink, or worse sitting on the counter right next to the sink), I wouldn’t have to ask him for the 100th time and he wouldn’t snip that he knows (even if he doesn’t apply that knowledge) and then I wouldn’t have to go off on a marathon nag about how many times I’ve asked him and how easy it would be to just comply. I need to ask nicely and not berate and get frustrated, even if it is the 50th time I’ve asked him to actually throw his clothes in the hamper instead of leaving them in a pile next to his side of the bed.

So these are my resolutions. Hopefully I will manage to stick with all of them and have a really successful year. If not, I guess there’s always 2009 to try again.

Happy New Year!


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2 responses to “Resolutions

  1. gb

    I thought you looked slimmer than I expected you might because of the baby. So something’s working.

    I wholeheartedly endorse #5, but the way you wrote it suggests to me that your heart isn’t in it. It’s like when someone apologizes to me and then says, “but you realize that I was right to do what I did, right?”

  2. beetqueen

    Thanks for the compliment.

    I do believe I need to work on #5, but I was particulary frustrated about a few things that just keep happening no matter how much I ask, beg and plead. I’m hoping it will be a compromise, I’ll stop nagging which drives him crazy and he’ll stop doing the things he knows drive me crazy. Everyone wins.

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