The new shoe blues

I made a big mistake going back to work today. Not so much the actually going there as I have been off work for awhile and need the money, but wanting to set the right tone in my classroom and make sure they knew I was in charge, I put on one of my serious teacher outfits. No, not the long jean skirt and scary teacher sweater set that nearly every teacher I know seems to own (I don’t, but I once did), just a nice pair of dress pants and a three quarter sleeve button down that says, “This is my classroom and my rules will be followed,” but still in a fairly trendy way. To complete this ensemble, I put on my new shoes.


These new shoes look deceptively comfy. They are sort of a cross between Oxfords and good ol’ tennis shoes. Inside they are cushy, they aren’t too tight, yet not too roomy and they looked adorable with my outfit. I learned a long time ago that heels and my inherent clumsiness are not a good idea. Besides, heels are too dressy for most of my outfits.

These shoes seemed perfect. I was so excited about them. I haven’t had new work shoes in a really long time. Until I bought this pair, I had a choice of cute Mary Janes or boots to go with all my neutral tones (and I have a lot of neutral tones). Despite my love for Mary Jane’s, when I have to trudge across a huge parking lot (thank you construction zone), winter is not the best time for them. And while the boots do keep my feet warm, they are those clunky, not quite work boots that wear me out from having to lift them every time I walk. These new shoes promised to be a compromise between the two. Warmth with easy maneuverability.

I was so decieved. I have the raw red marks all along my heels to prove it. I’m still not sure how since I did have socks on with them, but by the end of the day I was walking everywhere on tip toes hoping my kids didn’t think I was too wierd or constipated. The second I walked in the door I kicked them off and have been shoeless ever since.

I know better than to wear new shoes for an extended period of time. No matter how comfy and shiny they look, they always hurt for the first two days. My vanity got the best of me this morning. But then again, when my alarm went off at 5:15 for the first time in two weeks, I also know clarity was not really possible.

Maybe I’ll try again when the swelling goes down.


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3 responses to “The new shoe blues

  1. Bunny slippers, maybe?

  2. You should gone with the messy-headed and shoeless, hippy, “What rules?” look. Then the next day BAM!

    Keep the kids controlled like abusive parents do it. Keep changing the rules so they’re always walking on egg shells. Just think how much better your feet would feel.

  3. Eee

    The back of my feet were bleeding by the end of the day. Stupid dress up clothes and stupid Monday!

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