Most third world countries make less than my chocolates cost

Sometimes even I am surprised about what I’m willing to spend money on. For instance, I would never dream of spending more than $25 on jeans, even really cute ones. I check out the clearance and sale racks, and if I can’t find them there, I figure I wasn’t really meant to have new jeans to begin with.

Shoes are the same way. The thought of paying more than $20 for a pair of footwear seems outrageous to me. The one time I’ve actually broken this rule, it came back to bite me. Despite fitting ok in the store, once I got home and actually tried wearing them around, I could barely walk. They squeezed my feet. In hindsight, I’m sure they were pinchy in the store as well, but I was blinded by the adorableness of them. I thought I could still get into a size 8, at least in Chucks* since they tend to run a bit big. It turns out my stomach isn’t the only thing that expanded a bit during pregnancy. Which, I might add, still freaks me out. What is it about having a baby that makes feet grow exactly? Freaky.

At the grocery store, I am much more likely to pick up a generic version unless there is a  real discrepency with taste (or no generic version). Even my birth control pills are the generic brand since they run me a sweet $5 less every month.

Despite this frugality which often gets me mocked by both friends and family, I am willing to drop what I know are insane amounts on really comfortable bras and really delicious chocolates.

The bra issue probably makes sense to a lot of women. After all, I believe anything I spend a good 12-16 hours in each day should be so comfortable I don’t even really notice it’s there. I’ve done my time in cheap bras. As soon as I got a real job I vowed never again to be poked by an ill-placed underwire or itched by stupid decorative lace. Instead, whenever I need a new bra I head right to Victoria’s Secret for an unbelievably comfy Body by Victoria bra. My latest one (which is actually about a year old), is so comfy that I would wear it every day if I could. In all honesty, I wear it way more often than I should. I probably need to head back to see Miss Vicky for a few spares.

The chocolate issue is the one that really brings on the jeers from my loved ones. Yes, I admit it, I have been known to spend what equivocates to dinner for two, complete with dessert at The Melting Pot, on one box of chocolates. That box, in case you were wondering, only had 18 pieces of chocolate in it.

My latest indulgence arrived yesterday in the mail. As soon as I saw the box, my eyes lit up and I couldn’t wait to get in, open it up and just look at them. I’ve been wanting to try the new G Collection American Pie chocolates ever since I first saw them in the catalog. Before my alignment decided to betray me, I was planning to spend my portion of the Christmas check from my grandma on a box. Instead of creamy chocolate goodness though, I got four new tires. You know what I can’t eat? Tires.

I know I shouldn’t spend so much money on something so useless as chocolates, but I just can’t help it. I save and save and then splurge once every year on something like the G Collection. If Godiva would just stop making their chocolates so tasty, I might be able to stop buying them. That’s probably a big might though. I’m sure Fannie May or some other tasty confectionary would rise up to take its place.

*If anyone who knows me happens to wear a size 8 and wants an adorable pair of lemon yellow low top Chucks with absolutely adorable white daisies and little red lady bugs on them, just let me know. As much as I HATE to part with them, I can’t wear them for more than an hour without pain (less if I’m walking in them) and I hate for them to go to waste. They are cute to look at, but they remind me of my incredible over indulgence. At least the chocolates disappear in a few weeks.


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