Toddler Feeding Terror

I’m starting to get a bit worried about my son. I’m not sure if he’s officially a toddler or not, but he’s 11 1/2 months, has eight teeth and can walk all around the house. Granted, he still walks with his arms in the air like a baby orangutan, but he can get from point A to point B on only two legs without much problem.

In an attempt to help him adapt to eating on his own (and to stop shelling out 75 cents per jar of baby food), I’ve been trying to introduce him to a wide variety of “big boy” foods. So far we’ve successfully tried ravioli, pasta spirals, yogurt, meat sticks (baby Vienna sausages), crackers, toast, toaster waffles, poppyseed chicken and a host of other fairly easy to chew foods. Some days he eats great. He may be a bit picky about what it is he ingests–one day he’ll gobble down ravioli and the next turn his nose up at it in favor of bananas– but he’s always been a good eater.

The last couple of nights though, he’s barely eaten anything. Last night he got about  1 and 3/4 of a meat stick, five or six spoonfuls of sweet potatoes, a tiny piece of bread and a small dish of yogurt. Half an hour later when we put him down for bed he drank only four of his usual seven ounces. He woke up very hungry and scarfed down twice the usual amount of cereal, a jar of bananas and a bottle as soon as he got to the sitter’s.

I figured this meant he’d be ravenous tonight as well. For me he ate one bite of meat stick, maybe two raviolis and one mouthful of sweet potato. Ok, I figured he was bored with finger food and would devour his bottle. Not even close. He didn’t even drink 3 ounces of it. This wouldn’t bother me nearly so much if he hadn’t skipped his afternoon bottle at the sitter’s today. While he may have pigged out in the morning, everything else was picked at.

All the websites I go to (and books I read) assure me that he should be letting go of jarred baby food and eating whatever we eat at the table. With the exception of the poppyseed chicken, he hasn’t had too much interest in what we’re eating, although he’s at least gotten some pre-packaged toddler treats down. This not eating/drinking thing is beginning to really worry me. I hate to be the nervous mom who calls the pediatrician at the drop of a hat. I also hate to think of my sweet boy going hungry.

I’m concerned that a recent formula switch from regular to the “next step” variety (not out of any concern, but because it was free) might explain why he isn’t taking his bottles at night. Then again, I tried this formula once before when my aunt gave me a free can and he drank it just fine. He also took all the bottles I gave him of it on Sunday.

He’s not fussier than usual. He’s still having wet and dirty diapers. When he was only a few days old and hungry he let us know. I can only imagine that now he’s discovered we understand him better and he can gage our responses, if he was hungry he’d let us know with screeching and tears. Still, I feel like a bad mother for putting my son to bed with hardly any dinner.

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