An anniversary disease

Last night we got to go out on a real date. My best friend volunteered to babysit and I’d been looking forward to it for just about the entire month. A real dinner in a grown-up restaurant without the worry of whether my son will eat what we put in front of him or slowly drop it on the floor and giggle. An actual movie in a real theater, not one from Netflix that we have to watch over the course of several days because I fall asleep when I’m curled up and snuggly on the couch.

I even got my husband to agree to go to my favorite Thai place. For some reason, every time I mention Thai food, he shoots it right down. He says I’ve Nancified* it for him, and yet every time we go he gets a heaping plate of Pad Thai which he finishes with zeal and raves about. The movie, Juno, I’ve been anticipating since I first saw the commericals for it. I even had movie times for four theaters depending on when we finished with our dinner.

It might not sound like the most exciting way to spend an anniversary, but ever since our son was born, most of our nights have been spent in either watching TV, playing on the computer or watching videos we’ve Netflixed. I can count the number of new releases we’ve seen in the theater on one hand and I don’t even have to use all my fingers. Our son goes to bed around 7:30, so our night life abruptly ends right around that time.

The last time we had a sitter, we didn’t even make it to the movie (which was also supposed to be Juno), because we were both so exhausted.

The date was going to be perfect. Except for the fact that the slight tingle in my throat and ocassional cough my son gave me had morphed into an achy head, a nose which needed to be blown every five seconds and was bright red and stinging from being blown that often, and a cough that sounded more like a death rattle than a regular ol’ chest cold. Yes, I was sick on our anniversary.

I was also determined to go out and have fun.

It’s not the first time I’ve been sick on an anniversary. Several years ago I was so ill from the flu that I couldn’t even get off of the couch, much less go out anywhere. After an entire day of wretching I was finally able to choke down some vegetable soup, which was served rather lovingly as our anniversary meal. While I may have had trouble breathing this time around, at least I actually got to eat my dinner, and since it was Thai food, the flavors were strong enough that I could even taste some of it!

After a quick stop at Walgreens to pick up some tissue, some generic DayQuil and it’s nighttime counterpart, we were off to the movie. The movie was really fun and somehow, despite having been so stuffed up I had to become a mouth breather, my nose magically cleared in the theater. I attribute it to the quick smell of the special Puffs with Vicks** I bought. I wasn’t even angling for any mentholated relief, I just wanted some sort of tissue with lotion to avoid the sandpaper effect the others were having on my delicate nose.

As soon as I got home my nose clogged once again, but I took my generic NyQuil, so it hardly mattered. In a matter of minutes I was off to slumber land.

Not the most romantic anniversary date, but still a lot of fun.

*For those who don’t know, Nancifying is the term my friends have given to food items that we no longer have any desire to eat. It is in honor of my dear friend Eee who will eat a particular type of food until she makes herself quite sick on it and then will no longer eat that food for the rest of her life. She has an amazing number of foods in this category.

**If you haven’t used these, I cannot endorse them enough. I LOVE them! They don’t exactly cure my stuffed up nose, but just breathing the vapors in makes both my nose and throat feel a tad bit better. Plus, they are super soft, so I don’t dread blowing my nose. The menthol even soothes the skin around my nose. A definite must have in tissue technology.



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2 responses to “An anniversary disease

  1. missanthropy

    Wait. Am I to believe you left Eee alone with your child for an extended period of time? Just checking. 😉

  2. beetqueen

    He was already asleep when she came over, so all she really had to do was sit, watch TV and make sure he didn’t wake up screaming. We came back and he was alive, so I think it worked.

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