You’re the birthday, you’re the birthday, you’re the birthday boy or girl…

Well, we made it. Today is my son’s first birthday. The first year has been a roller coaster of amazing emotional highs and some pretty dramatic sob fests as well (from both me and my son). Every day I am more amazed at the little person he’s become. It’s hard to believe that he is the same tiny being that was so dependent on me not even 7 months ago. Now, unless he’s sick if I want to snuggle, he laughs and runs away to play with toys.

He’s gone from being this sort of amorphous baby blob to having real features. Don’t get me wrong, he was an adorable amorphous baby blob, but man, every day I am amazed at how handsome he is. I’m not bragging here. The kid looks nothing like me. Every single person who sees him feels the need to remind me of this by commenting on just how much he does look like my husband. His hair, I’d like to point out, is lightening and looking a heck of a lot like mine. Red highlights and all. Hah! Take that!

In celebration of his big day (and because I’m still sick and didn’t want to cook), we went out for a Mexican fiesta. This is the second time we’ve gone out this week, which for us is a big to-do (especially when you consider we also went out sans baby on Saturday for our anniversary). Since my son liked the manicotti so much, I figured we’d try a cheese quesadilla. To no one’s real surprise, he loved it. He ate about 3/4 of it and only threw two pieces on the floor.

The whole evening was going great until I went up to pay for the food. I got stuck behind a couple of people who were obviously splitting up a bill. Not a big deal really. It took a little longer than usual because each one came up the register, picked out their items and then the cashier rang them up and cashed them out. I was in line for a couple of minutes behind a guy and two girls when another girl approached the register.

At first I didn’t realize she was in the same party. I couldn’t see the table they’d come from and she didn’t speak to them. She didn’t get in line behind me. She stood off to the side, almost as if she was forming another line (or just too lazy to walk over behind me). I didn’t move closer to the register because I didn’t want to invade the girl in front of me’s space. The girl in front of me then turned to her friend and asked what she had. I assumed she was going to pay for it all together.

You know what they say about assuming…

Instead the girl rattled off her order. The friends dickered for a few minutes about who would get the queso and then the cashier rang up the girl who’d come in line after me and did a wierd sort of sideways transaction with her. He then proceeded to ring her friend who was ahead of me up.

Now maybe I’m being ridiculous here (and I’m sure my friends will tell me if I am), but it rather annoyed me that she just cut in front of me, especially since she never even bothered to get in line. I’ve been in Mexican restaurants where people have split the bill like this before (I’ve even done it once or twice) and we’ve either all gotten in line together, or, if one of us got in line later, we just passed the bill back and waited our turn. It’s not like the cashier was counting the money down on the register. He was adding each one up on a calculator and running each separately.

The thing is, when I realized they were together, I was planning to let her friend go ahead of me. I figured once the girl in front of me finished, I’d let the girl to the side of me just jump in so the whole party could be together. However, the fact that no one even gave me the chance to be polite and just jumped in front of me really cheesed me off.

Luckily, before the girl ahead of me could finish her transaction, my husband brought my son over to me for help putting his coat on. His little face was shinning because they’d been playing a game while waiting for me to pay the check. I took him in my arms, gave him a quick kiss, at which he giggled, and any anger I had toward the rude people in front of me melted away.

Although there was no cake or even a dish of fried ice cream, and even though there were rude line cutters, it was a nice little family birthday celebration. Now I just have to get ready for the party on Saturday. That’s when the real festivities begin! Family, his first cake, an indoor slide (our gift for him) and a house to clean. Even though I want to see him smash cake in his face (and no doubt all over my floor), I almost wish it was Sunday!


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  1. gb

    Happy b-day kiddo

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