What exactly are we saving?

I am not a fan of daylight savings time.

It’s not just because I’ve gotten lazy from living in an area where the clocks never changed. I can never remember when we are supposed to spring forward or fall back, because I haven’t had to do it since I was 18. Even when people remind me (I got a school wide memo), I still forget. This morning when I was woken up by the coos of my son in the next room, my brain and body both realized it was about 7 am. The clock even showed the time as 7:06, because once again I’d forgotten to change it. I realized my mistake though and in a matter of seconds, I lost an entire hour. Something is not quite right about that.

The laziness factor is not enough to make me hate the switch though. Nor is the fact that the hour I have lost meant my son took his nap late, which meant he ate later, which meant we had to wait to go shopping, which meant I didn’t get the roast in on time, which meant dinner was late, which wouldn’t have mattered, but my son was also super cranky because he wanted to eat and hadn’t taken his second nap. We kept him up so that it would be easier to get him to bed at his usual time. And while he went right down at 7/6pm, it also meant we had an hour of really fussy baby. I have a sneaking suspicion it will also mean we have a baby who rises extra early tomorrow and is in no way shinning when he does it.

My hatred does not even stem from the fact that I know I will not be tired at my usual 10 pm tonight, which means I will stay up late because going to bed early does me no good. I just lay there and get frustrated that I can’t sleep, which I think actually keeps me up later than if I’d just waited to lay down in the first place. Five thirty will come far too early tomorrow and I will no doubt be so tired the road starts to blur. Good thing my husband volunteered to take the baby to the sitter.

While all these things are annoying, the real reason I hate daylight savings time is that it doesn’t seem to actually serve any sort of purpose. I know one of the big benefits is that it’s supposed to save energy and therefore cost us less in the long run. However, I was just listening to the results of a study that found daylight savings time actually costs the citizens of this state several million more than if we’d just stayed on standard time. The only positive daylight savings seemed to offer was that finally the entire state would be on the same time. But no, that didn’t happen. The same portions of the north western part of the state (where all my family reside) which spent half of the year being on the same time as I was and half being an hour behind, are now always an hour behind. WHAT???

I know there are probably several more “practical” reasons for us to be on daylight savings time. At least the governor seems to think so. I grew up on daylight savings time and I thought it was rather stupid and pointless then. After living for years without the hassle, I have to say, I was right.


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2 responses to “What exactly are we saving?

  1. Screw the practical reasons: daylight savings time is awesome because when I get off work all summer long, there are hours and hours of sunshine left. Thumbs up to daylight savings. If we turn it back off, I suggest we permanently roll the whole state’s clocks forward an hour.

  2. beetqueen

    But it’s so dark when I go to work. All morning I looked out my window and saw black. After weeks of driving to work in the partial sunlight, I hate going back to it being pitch black.

    Plus, it’s so light out, the baby is not taking to his normal bed time the way he should!

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