An Easter thought

My dear friend Eee and I spent a good portion of my son’s first year of life comparing babies to cats. Although this may sound a bit cruel or degrading, we meant it all with the affection. Eee, after all, really loves cats.*

This is not going to be a list of all the reasons cats and babies are similar (although the list is surprisingly long and very accurate). Rather, in honor of Easter and one of the most prevalent Easter treats, I’m going to instead compare babies to Peeps.**

1) They’re sweet, though almost always a bit sticky.

2) You can give them a little squeeze if they’re yours, but not if they are a stranger’s.

3) They’re a known cause of stubborn belly overhang.

4) It can be hard to stop at one, but after two or three, the mere thought of having another may make you queasy.

5) They will both explode in the microwave.

Ok, so the last one I’ve only actually tried with a Peep and would not only not try with my own baby, but do not recommend anyone else try it either. The mess will be far worse than the Peep makes.

Happy Easter!

*Think every image of crazy cat lady you’ve ever seen in the media, but still young, cute and mostly sane.

**This list is not even kind of mine (except for #5). I lifted it right out of Parenting magazine, which I also did not buy for myself, but lifted from a friend of mine. At least I give credit where credit is due. And that’s to Deborah Skoinik.

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