Where has all the good TV gone?

So Veronica Mars was cancelled. This probably does not come as a surprise to a fan of the show. To those who never watched it, it may be new information, but if you didn’t watch it, I’m guessing you probably don’t much care. Until my recent spring break, I fell in the later category. Sure, I knew of the show’s existance. I’d even tried to watch an episode during the second season, but I just didn’t care about it. I figured it was yet another lame teeny bopper show filled with over priviledged pretty people who don’t exist outside of television and movie scripts. Turns out, I was very, very wrong.

I borrowed the first three seasons on DVD on the suggestion of my dear friend Eee.* If a nearly 15 year friendship hasn’t taught me that we have the exact same taste in almost all of our media viewing habits, Netflix has confirmed it. We have something like a 96% compatibility in our ratings. Knowing what a die hard fan I am of Buffy, Angel and Firefly, she figured I’d find Veronica an equally beloved show.

I found myself glued to my TV. I suffered through the first season with my husband. It took us forever to watch it since he cannot do marathons unless they involve Tie Fighters and Wookies. One night he sat through three episodes with me and I thought his head would explode. He assured me it wasn’t that he didn’t like the show; he just didn’t like it enough. After taking over a week to finish season 1, I decided there was no way I could wait even an extra day to find out who Veronica was so happy to see on her doorstep during the season finale. In less than a week, I blew through 42 episodes, mostly while my son was taking his three hour morning power nap.

I finished episode 20 of the third season. Tingling with anticipation, I popped in the final DVD, only to find I’d just seen the series finale. All that was left was to see was the 20 minute pitch “episode” for season 4. A season, which sadly, they never had a chance to make. Even though I was disappointed the creators decided to skip through Veronica’s college and fledgling P.I. years, what grieved me even more was that although I’m not usually a fan of cop/FBI shows (aside from the early years of the X-Files and Bones), I would have definitely watched season 4. Even though it looked like the only character I liked that would be left on the show would be Veronica, I would have given up an hour every week to tune in. Considering how little TV I watch, that’s really saying something.

Veronica Mars was a great show. The dialogue was actually intelligent. The acting, while not exactly Oscar quality (and yes, I know TV shows don’t get Oscars), was decent. Granted Logan was a bit overwrought and mushy at times, but overall it was good. The plot was an excellent web of intrigue. Much like the shows of Joss Whedon, there was a fantastic over arching story. While individual episodes may have explored different topics, something always led back to the big picture. Solid characters were introduced and there were plot twists that kept me guessing until the final episode as to who had really done it. Heck, both Kevin Smith and Joss Whedon did guest appearances on the show, which in and of itself lends major cool points to it.

Sure, the show had over priviledged rich kids who often won (just like real life), but it also had poor kids. It did a great job of showing the actual class struggle that exists not only among real high school kids, but in our society as a whole. Veronica, unlike Buffy, didn’t always have the upright righteous moral compass. In fact, just like a real high school kid, she often sought revenge both for herself and for those she loved, without really thinking of the consequences. She was flawed, and in the most perfect way: She was human.

In a world where we have yet another season of Dancing with the Once Had Their 15 Minutes of Fame, I’ll Admit I Cheated on My Spouse on National TV To Win Money and CSI, It Doesn’t Matter What City Because it’s All the Same Damn Show, Veronica Mars was something different. It was witty. It was sassy. It was fun. And just like nearly everything else on TV I’ve ever loved, some nimrod executive killed it.


*I have since purchased it from Amazon because I know I’ll want to watch it again AND I want to show those damn execs just how wrong they are.

**Kristen Bell, aka Veronica Mars, is currently on Heroes, but let’s face it, season 2 of that show was so lame that even as much as I love her, I don’t think there is a snowball’s chance in hell I will watch a third season of it. TV executives need to wise up and get her back, even if it is on the FBI show.


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