A step into the 21st century

It took a long time, but I am finally cool. Yes, that’s right. Just like nearly all of my friends and apparently every single high school student, I have an iPod.

I’ll admit I took a long time to warm to the craze. It’s not that I have anything against music. I happen to love it. It’s just that I couldn’t see spending $100 + dollars on a device to play my music when I already have CDs, a discman and an MP3 player. Granted my MP3 player only holds like 10 songs (it’s from like 1999 or so), but I really like those 10 songs, so for the longest time I was content to listen to them over and over and over again. They are the perfect length for a workout and even though it wasn’t planned that way, they are even paced perfectly for a warm up, long walk/jog and then a cool down. I figured it was fate.

Suddenly though, I find myself with a little money to spare. Everything in Florida has finally worked itself out, so in anticipation of my inheritance check, my husband and I went on a mini-shopping spree. I got my 80 GB iPod, a cute “stereo” to hook it up to and a car adapter thingy so I can play it in the car. My husband actually got the better end of the deal as he got an XBOX, two controllers, some super long cable, Call of Duty 4 and a pre-order of GTA 4.

I haven’t quite figured everything with my iPod out yet, but it’s silver, skinny and so far I’ve filled like 2GB of the 80 available. I’m waiting to devour my dear friend Eee’s computer so I don’t have to upload all of my CD’s. We have some similar tastes afterall and since she’s already done the work it seems silly for the work to get done twice. Plus she offered to let me cannabalize anything her boyfriend has. He ows more music than anyone else I know. Not that I like 90% of it. Free music is free music!

I’m about to get kicked off so my darling  husband can geek out with XBOX online. No worries though, I have songs to upload and music to tune him out with.

I love this modern world!


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