The ides of April

I am in a foul mood today. While I have not been betrayed by one of my closest friends, I have,  yet again, been screwed over by a family member.

I should have known it was going to be a bad day when my son woke up at 5 am for no apparent reason, cried just long enough to wake me up and keep me from doing anything more than slight drifting, then went back to sleep only to be grumpy when I had to wake him up for the sitter’s.

It was all downhill from there. During first period, a mouthy freshmen complained about how I don’t give enough directions for the writing assignments. What it really boils down to is she’s annoyed she doesn’t have an A. Writing is something she’s generally good at, even though she can’t wrap her brain around the fact that journalistic writing is different than essay writing. Her stories always exceed the word limit. She’s vague and often doesn’t follow the guidelines of the assignment. I give them lots of room so they can be creative with their topics. After a week of studying a specific type of writing though, I don’t feel I should have to tell exactly how many facts their stories need. Or how long their quotes need to be. She just wanted to argue and it rubbed me the wrong way.

Second block things got worse. I took my class to the library. While they were well-behaved and actually complimented by the librarian (she had horrid children first block), they couldn’t find good research materials because despite telling me they weren’t letting kids check books out, some of my colleagues, who are actually using my lesson plans, let their kids go hog wild and check out everything in the library. No limits. No making them take notes first, just straight up to the counter to check out every freakin’ book on pollution the library had. One is even letting multiple kids choose the same topic, which not only ensures all the books will be gone but also that her kids will no doubt share info and find ways to cheat. I don’t care so much that they’ll have to deal with cheating and the extreme boredom of reading three papers on global warming, but when my kids can’t do their research, my ire is up.

The real cherry on the crap sundae though was when I called the bank to check on the hold they’d placed on a check I deposited a week ago. It seems my great aunt has powers far beyond the reach of the grave and has managed to make our lives just a bit more difficult. Her estate (the executor is my second cousin) was late paying with the payment for our court settlement. This would not be a problem as we got the check a week ago. Apparently though, despite having gobs of money in multiple accounts, my cousin decided to write our check knowing the account she wrote from had insufficient funds. That’s right, my settlement check, the one I used to pay my final car payment, is going to bounce. 

When the check came in, my  husband and I each treated ourselves to a neat little gift we’d been wanting for months. Since the check hadn’t cleared yet, we put it on our credit card. As much as I hate having any sort of balance on the card, it’s lucky we didn’t just pay for the new toys out of the joint account. We wouldn’t have been eating this month if we had. I think my son would have had a real objection to that.

Now instead of paying off bills and putting money away for college, we are going to be fighting a family memeber to get the money we are owed. I don’t know what kind of sneaky ploy this was. I do know that I signed legal documents saying the settlement was, well, settled, and I’m hoping they can be reversed or changed in some way. I know little about the law and I have a feeling that despite the 60 day stipulation of the original papers this is going to drag out for a long time.

I don’t say this often, but man, I need a drink.

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