Forget it!

Although I am still relatively young, my mind is already going.

On the way to work I was all fired up. As soon as I got out of my car, I knew what I wanted this blog to be about. As I pulled into my driveway, precious free time on my hands since I had a doctor’s appointment and my husband was picking up the baby, I realized I had no idea what I’d been so impassioned about this morning.

Last night I was sitting down to do some grading when I remembered I didn’t have the baby monitor just in case my son started crying. I got up, walked to the kitchen, which cannot possibly be more than 20 feet away, and stood there, staring. I had absolutely no idea what I’d left the living room for. I knew I needed something. I knew it was in the kitchen. I just didn’t know what it was. So I walked back to the living room., settled in to grade and once again remembered the monitor.

This is a fairly new phenomenon for me. I’ve never been what you might call forgetful. In fact, despite the clutter of papers that often gathers on my desk (both home and work) and my kitchen counter, I am pretty damn organized. I keep a day planner. I don’t look at it every day, but I glance often enough to never forget appointments and meetings. I write myself check lists for things to complete during my prep period and follow through with them. Kids ocassionally try to claim I lost their work, but in 10 years of teaching, it’s never been me. Why? Because I have a system. Homework is turned directly into the homework bin (divided into class periods) then immediately pulled out of the bin, paper clipped together and put into the appropriately labelled manilla folder. Amazingly enough every paper makes it in and back except for the one slacker’s, so they soon realize (and admit) that they did it, but must have forgotten to turn it in.

This loss in memory is fairly recent and appears to coincide with the birth of my son. A student told me she’d heard every child a person has lowers their IQ by a few points. While I know this is false, since mine started to fail me, I think I might be the freak genetic link some institute is looking for. I suppose one could just as easily point to my “getting older” as the cause, but I’m skeptical. My son seems to not only be draining my energy, my social life and my patience (although not very often as he’s a fairly well-behaved baby), but also my short term memory. This was not in any of the baby books I read…and I read a lot of them!

I had a point with this whole post today, but as I’ve been writing for over 10 minutes and I’m nearing the end, I’ve forgotten what it is.


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