Things that are annoying me right now

1) That instead of taking personal responsibility for your actions, you can just call someone a racist and you’er off the hook. Obviously the reason your kid is failing has nothing to do with the fact he didn’t turn in 15 assignments (so far) or that he plagiarized his research paper. No, it must be because his teacher is an evil racist. Yes, I know, I need to let this one go, but it’s hard. I’ve had my integrity questioned and as much as I hate to admit someone so ignorant and racist himself has gotten under my skin, he has. I just hate that some people scream racism and seem to assume all white people are racist. I also am extremely annoyed by the fact that instead of using this as a lesson to his son on why he needs to do his homework and not cheat, he is using it to perpetuate tension between two races. GRRRR!!!!

2) While we are on the school subject, let’s hit big educational annoyance #2…the fact that my school insists we challenge kids and keep high standards and then gives us less than 24 hours after finals to have all of our grading turned in. Somehow our finals are supposed to cover everything we’ve done this nine weeks, ask thought provoking questions requiring them to go beyond meer memory, and yet if there is any hope of having them graded on time, they have to be multiple choice. GRRRRRRR!!!

3) While I’m on a roll, here’s my last educational gripe: parents who want to argue their kids’ grade. I’m not talking about parents with real concerns about scores or questions about how things were graded. I’m talking about parents who question every point their kid gets. Parents who actually expect that I will go back and add more participation points to their kid’s grade because a) he says he participates more than that, b) if he just had those points he could get a C and c) he may not be an A student, but he’s at least average. Granted this is the same parent who told me her son wasn’t able to get his work done or remember to make up a test despite having it told to him before the field trip, after he returned from the field trip and having it written in the homework binder because “it was his birthday and he was excited.” I didn’t realize birthdays lasted for the entire week. She also let out a huge sigh when I told her when his final is because it would have been his dead grandfather’s birthday. I know she was just setting up the excuse for why he’d do poorly, but I think she actually wanted me to move his final or tell her he didn’t have to take it. Mind you, he has never once asked me about his grade. Instead, Mom emails me at least once a week to question something and try to make a deal for a higher grade. She actually asked me what we could do to raise his grade. I told her nothing. He had to do his work. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!1

Ok, enough already with the school irritations. Let’s move on.

4) On my morning to sleep in* my husband left the bedroom door open (again) and I could hear in great detail every conversation he had with our son. I heard him singing the theme to his favorite show. I heard my son screeching. I heard him banging a cup on the table. I heard him laughing. I heard everything, gave up and got up before 8:30. Last night my son woke up around 12:30, jarring me out of my sleep. My husband was on the couch playing XBox, but instead of getting up and taking care of my son, he waited until I did. I rocked and quieted him, but when he went in to the crib, he started screaming again. So, I got to listen to that for awhile, finally falling asleep around 1. Then the baby work up at 5:57, fussed, cooed and generally made noise until I couldn’t take it anymore and got up a little before 7. My husband, however, slept in until after I’d put the baby down for his morning nap…nearly 11 am. GRRRRRRRRR!

5) I bought a new expansion pack for my Sims and I really want to play it, but I have so much grading and am so behind on housework that I just can’t. I have to use the precious baby nap time to grade or do laundry. The booklet with all the cool new stuff is sitting in front of me right now, taunting me. I want to make my little Sims garden! I want them to eat leftovers! I want new career paths for them. And gift giving and I want to unlock the secrets of the juicer! When will I finally be able to get them into the new garden club? And why, oh why do I torture myself by buying a game like this when I know full well I have far too much to do to actually enjoy it. Someday my little virtual people…someday! GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!1

6) I’m kind of hungry right now but really don’t want to cook anything. Not so much an annoyance really. I guess it’s more of a state of being. But my husband went to throw things in the big dumpster our neighborhood gets twice a year and, well, since the baby is sleeping, I can’t go anywhere and get anything tasty to eat. GRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

I realize they are all minor annoyances in the grand scheme of things. Soon, in fact, the first three will be over with…at least for the next three months. I’ll work my tail off and get the grading done. I have already checked with the guidance counselors to make sure I won’t have either of the students in class again next year. Plus once summer comes I will be able to play my Sims and maybe push my son’s bed time back a bit so he actually sleeps in again. Plus, I know when my husband is done throwing out the trash he will be happy to go get us something to eat.

But, I’m annoyed now…

 *I get to sleep in on Saturdays since M-F I get up at 5:30 am and Sundays I usually get woken up around 6:30-7:00. My husband gets up around 8:30 M-F and then on Saturdays my son usually sleeps in until 7 or 7:30. Sundays I usually have to pull him out of bed between 10:30 and noon.

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