Chocolate explosion

I can’t believe I’m saying this. I’m sure I will regret these words. I think I might actually have too much Godiva in my fridge. Believe me, I know how ridiculous this statement seems. After all, I pretty much operate under the premise that once can never have too much chocolate. I have been known to follow up a breakfast of little chocolate donuts with a snack of mini-Hershey bars a few hours later. That same day I’ve had a chocolate chip cookie for lunch and since the day isn’t complete without dessert, two Godiva chocolate biscuits and a strawberries n’ cream truffle. Ok, so all of that may have been today.

I am, without a doubt, a choco-holic.

But right now, even I may be at my limit.

Since my birthday and mother’s day happened to fall within two days of each other, I got several gifts. One of my dear friends got me a small Godiva sampler of eight. My darling husband bought me an extravagant (and much hinted at) decorative box filled with 30, yes, 30 truffles. He paired it with two gigantic dark chocolate bars. And while I’m usually not a dark chocolate fan, Godiva has taught me to love it…although only theirs. This is in addition to the partially filled sampler box I had left over from Valentine’s Day (I bought it for myself and have been replenishing it a few pieces at a time each trip to Godiva). Plus I had a box of these delicious chocolate biscuits (ready stuffy British way of saying cookie) I got free because I spend so much money at Godiva. And, when we were there buying my best friend a gift, the strawberries n’ cream truffles were marked down to half price since they are technically last season’s truffle. How could I resist? They are one of my favorites and they only come around once every year.

Wow. Reading that list it sounds like even more chocolate than I first thought. Sure, it’ll take me awhile to eat it all. I’m lucky if I eat one piece a night usually, and it will mean I don’t have to spend any of my own money buying new truffles. But wow…with all I have I think I may be eating truffles until my next birthday. Maybe I better rethink that giant Valentine’s Day heart-shaped box of chocoaltes I’m always harping my husband about.


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