School’s out for summer!

I’m not sure how I managed it, but all of my grading is done. That’s right, I’ve got it all graded, recorded, handed back and even exported to our registrar. The only reason I even have to go in to work tomorrow is to clean up my classroom and attend a school wide meeting.

As much as the idea of giving a multiple choice final makes me feel like a bad teacher, I have to admit I like the fact that instead of frantically grading essays tonight, I’ll be exploring my latest Sims expansion pack…Seasons. And while I realize it’s not actually the latest expansion, it’s the one I’m excited about playing right now! Most importantly, it’s the one I get to play tonight.

Plus, after seeing the results of my multiple choice test, I know I didn’t make it a cake walk for them. Despite claims by one class that it was “so easy” and boasts that some finished in 15 minutes (not true, the earliest test took 20), the highest grade in either class was an 89. On our grading scale, that’s not even a high B. I tried to warn them. After all, I teach AP…I know how to write good multiple choice tests. They didn’t listen. I guess the fact the test was worth 20% of their overall grade didn’t mean that much to them. Their minds had already turned to summer. As has mine.

The only difference, of course, is that unlike about 20% of my class, I won’t be taking English 10 in summer school!


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