Vegas, a few last words

Ok, so this will be the last of my Vegas posts. At least until I decided to visit again. There were some fun and interesting things I wanted to talk about that didn’t really seem to fit in any of the other blogs, so, here goes…

-I saw an Elvis impersonator. Despite the 90+ temps, he was all decked out in a sequined black jumpsuit. His hair, which was also black was perfectly coiffed and his mutton chops were exactly like the King’s during his final days of performance. He even had the giant sunglasses. He was walking outside Planet Hollywood, right next to the “red carpet experience”* no doubt as a means to draw guests into the shops and casinos by offering pictures on said red carpet. He was a pretty good representation of Elvis circa 1971, paunch and all. Which led me to wonder why every single Elvis impersonator goes for the extra hairy, extra tacky bloated Elvis instead of the farily attractive young Elvis of say Jailhouse Rock or Blue Hawaii. While I’ve never been an Elvis fan, my grandmother was and whenever she babysat me, we watched his movies. Back in the days of her youth, I could see why she liked the guy. That’s the Elvis I wanted to see. And yet I got the tubby one. I’m guessing that the kind of person willing to spend his time trying to be the King probably has the build for the later days. The early, good-looking Elvi are no doubt out actually having lives and getting laid.

-Elvis wasn’t the only “celebrity” I saw. I also saw a showgirl. Well, at least someone dressed as one. I have a feeling since I saw here standing in the middle of the dirty strip mall right outside the hole in the wall that rented luxury cars for the day instead of in a casino, probably meant she was just a “model” trying to hawk rental cars. She too was standing out in the heat of the mid-day. She looked a little readier for it though. Although that giant feathered head piece had to be at least slightly uncomfortable. She had a strange look on her face. It’s the same look I’ve seen on strippers. That look that says she’s there physically, but in her mind she’s somewhere other than posing with half-drunk former frat boys. It was definitely an odd spectacle as she was sandwiched between a liquor store, a clothing store selling “outfits for clubbing,” a cheap souvenier shop and a Hummer, Lotus, Jag, Corvette and some cute little Vespas, all for rent.

-I think I was waited on by a transvestite in Lush. Either that, or a really tall, willowy Asian woman with a severely hairy upper lip badly covered in concealer and a decidedly unnatural gait. Oh, and a wierd voice that she didn’t quite seem comfortable with.

-The Flamingo casino smells like coconuts. I’m not exactly sure why (although my guess is because of the tropical sort of theme), but the second we walked past Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon, we smelled coconuts. Not just once either. We smelled it every time we walked by. They must pump it in to the air. Wierd, but really nice. Except for one dead spot where it smelled like garbage.

-Also, the Flamingo actually has pretty tasty, affordable pizza. As tacky as it looks (I’ve never seen so much pink), past the casino there is a small pizza stand. We got a large four cheese pizza (although we did have to ask for sauce on it) for $11.

-Speaking of food, there is a neat little deli in Bally’s. If you go down the escalator’s toward the shops, it’s pretty much right there. It’s Johnny’s Delicatessen and it is tasty. Huge portions and very affordable. I had a philly steak sandwich that was out of this world.

-One last food related note (hey, neither of us are gamblers, but we both like good food), we ate at a Japanese seafood buffet called Todai inside Planet Hollywood. We got a discount through Tix4Tonight. The sushi was decent, but they had AMAZING tempura. I must have eaten a dozen tasty tempura veggies and several shrimp as well. Plus they had really good bacon wrapped asparagus.

-Ok, so this is the last food note, I promise. In the Forum Shops, we found a chocolate shop. Seeing as how I have never found a chocolate shop I didn’t like, we ventured in. Vosges is sparce, but what it has is definitely exotic. Like all good chocolate shops, they gave free samples and I tried the Naga, which is “Sweet Indian curry powder + coconut + milk chocolate. Inspired by the tribes of Northeast India and the fertile landscapes. I naturally conjured up thoughts and dreams of curry.” A little wierd, but definitely interesting. They also have a line of exotic chocolate bars including a white chocolate bar with Kalamato olives,  a dark chocolate bar with wasabi and Mo’s bacon bar. If you have a few minutes, check out their chocolates. Unique, without a doubt.

-We saw a pretty good band at the Indigo Lounge at Bally’s. Lots of the casinos have nightly musical acts, which is pretty cool. Sure, they were covers, but they had a really ecclectic selection and even my husband, who is a musician and pretty picky, really liked them. It’s a nice distraction when you are too old for clubbing. Plus, it’s free entertainment.** A really nice feature in Vegas.

Overall Vegas was a bit like Vosges. Definitely unique. Some sweet things to sample, but also some things that seemed out of place, a little disturbing and left a bad taste in my mouth.

*They have a red carpet, complete with red velvet ropes and a white back drop that says Planet Hollywood all over it so you can stand on it and take pictures, and experience the red carpet. Except for the lack of limos, press and actual celebrities, I’d say it’s dead on.

**The card on the table said two drink minimum, but no one seemed to be enforcing it and people came and went constantly. It’s an open air space…how could they make sure you drank up?

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