A new kind of pain

I’m pretty darn sure I’ve broken my toe. And not just any toe, but my big toe. The one I use for, well, everything I do on my feet.

I was climbing over the baby gate that stands in between the kitchen and the dining room (we have a freakishly small door frame and cannot find any stores that carry gates that will fit our door frame, so we have one up all the time and just climb over it), and I guess I stepped right on to one of my son’s books. It slipped out from under my foot and my big toe just sort of folded underneath the rest of my foot. The result was instant pain. And then continued pain. And, well, pretty much just lots and lots of pain.

I spent a good portion of yesterday putting ice on my toe. I called my father, who is a paramedic, and he told me there is really not much to do. Basically I can put ice on it. I can stay off it. I can tape it to my other toes to keep it as immobile as possible. Those are my only real options. It might not even be broken. I might just have sprained it really badly. I might have dislocated, then relocated it. I might have pulled something. With toes, he said, unless a bone is sticking out of the skin (ew, ew, ew), it’s hard to tell without and x-ray. Which there isn’t much point in getting, since if it is broken, all the doc will do is exactly what I should do: tell me to ice it, keep off it and wrap it with another toe. If it’s not feeling markedly better by Monday I may head to the doc, but it seems futile right now.

Although when I woke up this morning, it was definitely puffier than the other toe (despite hours of ice). It’s also kind of miscolored and it still really HURTS! Maybe even more than yesterday. Sleeping sucked because I’m a tosser and when I rolled over, I rolled onto my toe more than once.

One of the really annoying parts of all this (aside from the pain and limping and my son accidently stepping on it and sending a fresh wave of pain over me), is that I cleaned up all his toys on Wednesday night after he’d gone to bed. I put everything back in its place except that one book. I saw the book, but I was already sitting down watching a movie, so I figured what could one book out of place matter. Well, I guess I found out, huh?

So now I’m hobbling around and keeping a close eye on my son to make sure his 26.5 lb frame doesn’t land back on my bruised toe. This puts a real dent in my exercise program since the key element to it is walking and lots of it. I can barely hobble between rooms without pain, so I’m thinking 30 minutes on the treadmill or even a leisurely walk around the neighborhood is out. I was doing so well too. I had 13 of the last 15 days walking at least 20 minutes. GRRRRR!!!!!

The only good thing to come of this (and I’m not usually a silver lining kind of gal) is that I got online and ordered a damn baby gate that will fit our area and that I’ll be able to open and close with relative ease. No more climbing over that damn thing for me. It was inevitable that someone was going to get hurt on it. I’ve almost fallen a dozen times. And since I climb over it more than anyone else, I guess it makes perfect statsitical sense that it’d be me that fell. Still, it’s rotten that it’s costing $55 to replace a $2 yard sale gate (since we have three other gates that also cost us $50 + each), but since no stores in the area seem to carry a gate that will fit, I had to pay the outrageous shipping charges.  Double GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!1

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