The weekend is over and I survived

In a few hours my weekend will be over and for once, I’m kind of glad to see it go.

Friday night my step-mom and aunt showed up in preparation for a day full of shopping. Aside from being a bit loud, often crude and wanting to shop way too much, they are pretty fun guests who require little and add almost no stress to my life. Normally a visit from them is great. I get out of the house to shop and my son gets heaps of attention (and other people to hold/carry/feed him). This weekend, things were a bit more complicated. They weren’t going to be my only house guests. On Saturday, my mother was coming to town.

For many people this probably isn’t quite the anxiety inducer as it is for me. My mom and I don’t have the normal mother/daughter relationship. In the last 19 years, I have seen my mother six times, and that includes yesterday when I picked her up from the airport. Three of her visits have been in the last year. And all three have been a trip to visit my grandmother, with a side trip down to see me. The first time she stayed one night. The second we spent most of the day together when I drove her two hours to for her cousin’s funeral and then an extra hour when I picked her up and took her to the airport.

Now, this isn’t a pity me blog, but in those other 18 years, I have graduated from high school, college, gotten married, gotten divorced, gotten re-married and had a baby. None of which has warranted a visit from my mom.

So when she emailed me a few months ago and asked me to pick her and my two nephews up at the airport, drive them to a Cracker Barrel about an hour away (to meet up with my grandmother for the other hour of driving) and then pick her up one week later at the same Cracker Barrel, I was less than thrilled. Willing to do it, but dreading the day I had to.

Yesterday, I had to get her. The problem though, was that my aunt and step-mom were still in town. So I spent the morning with them, then at 12:30, I left for the airport and they left to go shopping. I got my mom and nephews and headed back to my house so she could see my son (who was napping when her plane came in). They spent about an hour at my house, just enough time for one of my nephews to ask what every single thing in our house and backyard were and why they were there. Then we loaded them back in the car and took off for our roundezvous point.

We pulled in at 4:18, just three minutes passed our scheduled meeting time. My grandmother was sitting outside in a long sleeve pants suit, despite the 90 degree heat. She was in the shade at least. My mom and nephews joined her while I hauled two backpacks, one suitcase, one diaper bag, one giant box fan, one stroller and two car seats to my grandmother’s car. I then strapped both car seats in and the kids in to them. My grandmother was in a hurry to get home, so I said a quick goodbye and was right back in the car for another hour.

When I got home, the house was empty. While I was making my way to the Cracker Barrel, my aunt and step-mom came back, picked my son up and took him out for more shopping. My husband was mowing the lawn. For five glorious minutes, I got to sit on my couch, turn the TV on and blur my mind with Degrassi. It was wonderful.

My peace was quickly shattered when everyone returned from shopping. My son immediately started running around the living room and my aunt and step-mom started pulling their bags out of hiding (we’d put them in various closets so my mom would have no idea they were there–ugliness would have ensued). They plopped down in various chairs and regaled me with stories of their exploits. My step-mom pouted a little because my aunt had stopped her from buying my son a goldfish. I smiled gratefully at my aunt.

They stayed until well after my son had gone to sleep. My husband was watching some History channel show about throwing axes and I was answering a million questions about my mom. It was fine, but my brain just kind of hurt. Finally they left for home. My husband went out to get dinner, since I was far too bushed to cook and once again, I had the house to myself. I sacked out on the couch, put on more Degrassi and tried to forget that in one week I have to go back and get my mom for another uncomfortable ride to the airport.

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One response to “The weekend is over and I survived

  1. Wow that sounds like one crazy weekend, but isn’t nice to sit back after everything is done and finished, it is the best feeling in the world.

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