If you have not already seen the latest the latest bit of amazing from Joss Whedon (creator of other bits of amazing, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly), you must drop everything you are doing right now, get on the web and go to this site.

There is a superhero. There is an evil genius. There is signing. It’s twisted and amazing. And, it has Nathan Fillion and Doogie Howser. Who knew they could sing…and well.

My faith in the ability of people to produce actual entertainment is restored. Go…watch…now.



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2 responses to “Dr. Horrible–YOU MUST GO AND SEE IT

  1. I think you linked to the wrong version – is there one for deaf people that has the aforementioned signing in it?

  2. I have to come back and say this – the opening segment struck me as cute but not that special. Part 2 gave me new insights, which are these:
    – Joss Whedon is eventually going to turn into a completely non-ironic musical-cranker-outer-guy.
    – Nonetheless, this is pretty funny stuff, and the three main actors (plus the Moistmaker, or whatever his name is) are all really good in it.
    – And I really like this idea of making the hero the villain, and the villain the hero. Or whatever. It’s not entirely new but in this pseudo-“Mystery Men” context it really plays.

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