Another note from Oldy McOlderson

Yes, that’s me now. In addition to my shock over people walking down the street with their pants practically down to their ankles and their boxers hanging out and my complete inability to hold my liquor, I am having mysterious back pain. I have no idea why. I haven’t lifted anything I don’t lift every single day (ie my 27 lb. son). I didn’t sleep on it funny and wake up with it sore.

All I know is that it was fine this morning until I went out on the back patio with my son. I was trying to read One of Us by Willa Cather while my son ran his usual laps around the patio table (with ocassional stops to climb in a patio chair or two) and I couldn’t get comfy. I tried the reclinging chair and that just seemed to make things worse.

There is a shooting and alternately throbbing pain in the lower left side of my back, just above my pant line. I can actually feel the spot that is out of whack. If I push on it I feel both intense pain and a sort of momentary relief. It’s horrible and I hate it.

And what’s worse is that there isn’t much I can do about it. I’m home alone with the little one tonight. I’ve taken Advil (and am going to take some more), but that’s not doing much for me. I don’t want to take Vicodin because it is outdated and makes me a bit loopy. I need to be with it in case anything happens to the baby. I can’t even look forward to a half-assed massage because my husband is at cards tonight. He has, however, promised to rub it tomorrow if it still hurts.

Sitting hurts. Laying down hurts. Standing hurts. This sucks!



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2 responses to “Another note from Oldy McOlderson

  1. Note to back pain sufferers, from someone who has been there a few too many times:

    1. Ibuprofen. It’s a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, which means it helps your muscles instead of just covering up the agony.

    2. Cold (e.g. ice pack) right after you hurt it; hot (e.g. heating pad) the day after & going forward.

    3. Nice gentle back stretches. Search the internets, you’ll find some good ones.

    4. If all else fails and the pain and stiffness persists, see your doc and get some meds. There is truly no substitute for prescription anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing drugs.

  2. beetqueen

    I also found that the heatpads that you can stick to your back and wear for 8 hours at a time are really helpful. Combined with the massage they really helped knock out my pain.

    Of course since I think mine might be linked to my sciatic nerve, I have a feeling I might have to see the doc eventually. Or just start downing the Vicodin I have leftover from my c-section.

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