If I had a million dollars

If I ever become fabulously wealthy, and I’m not just talking about coming into a little money or even having enough to pay off my house…I mean filthy, stinking, rich, I’ve decided there is only one real indulgent luxury I’d bestow upon myself at least once a week: a massage.

Now, I’m not going to swear I wouldn’t quit my job. Because if I was, in fact, unfathomably well-to-do, I probably would. I wouldn’t sit around eating bon bons though. At least not for more than a week or two. Instead, I would start my own non-profit children’s theater group, kind of like this one. I would, of course, include lots of Shakespeare, because I like him and I’d even get back to writing some original children’s plays. Believe it or not, when I used to have a summer drama program, I wrote three original plays and did a series of plays adapted from children’s books, including a really cute one based on the poems of Shel Silverstein. Unlike the drama group I linked to, mine would be for any kid who wanted a theater experience, but wasn’t likely to get it elsewhere. Since I’d be abundantly wealthy, I’d use any profits from ticket sales to build an elaborate costume and prop collection.

Aside from the whole quitting my job thing, I don’t think much else would change. I like my house and its location. Although I’d probably actually finish off our basement so I could have some place to put my treadmill other than the scary, possibly spider ridden basement. And for that matter, a place to send my husband when he decides to go on a GTA spree. Since I’d have oodles and oodles of money, I’d make sure he had a jumbo sized TV and a kick-ass sound system.

I wouldn’t buy a really fancy car. I mean, it might be nice to have a car without a “service engine soon” light glaring at me AND a back window that isn’t held up by tape, but just something practical for hauling around myself, two kids and a few groceries (yes, I realize I only have one kid, but eventually I plan to have another) that is not a mini-van. Probably something hybrid because if I have tons of money gas prices won’t be an issue, but I’d like to help the environment.

I wouldn’t need a fancy wardrobe. There’d be no point really. At my age I still haven’t learned to dress trendy, and besides, if I’m hanging around a stage or working on a computer writing plays, good ol’ jeans and comfy tees will work just fine for me.

Let’s face it, I wouldn’t be spending more on food because I actually like to cook and I already buy almost everything organic. I might step up some of my restaurant choices, but not by much, since I don’t think even piles of money the size of Mt. Everest will make me crave a Taco Bell combo burrito any less. And I already spend gobs of money getting the good chocolate, so that’s not likely to change.

No, I think the only thing I’d really change is a standing appointment at the local spa for a massage. I briefly considered having someone come to the house, but then all the stress of the house is still there. No, I want one of those quiet rooms with the new agey music, trickling water sounds, low lights, face pillow tables and strange spicy scents I can’t quite identify but really like. I think each week it will be a deep tissue massage, like the one I had today. It would be heaven and I bet I wouldn’t have quite so many knots to work out.

Can someone help me get outrageously rich really soon? I already think I need another massage.


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