Bath toys, a retrospect

I think I’ve created a monster. While looking for replacement crayons for my son’s Tadoodle, I noticed a set of bath crayons, also in the Tadoodle line, which are made especially for little chubby toddler fingers that can’t quite grasp real bath crayons (and regular crayons) well. I have seen other bath crayons in the stores and have always been tempted to buy them. The suggested ages on them are always 3+. These Tadoodle’s are for 18 months+ and since my son just hit the 17 month mark and he’s quite smart, I figured he could handle them.

Not only could he handle them, he loved them. He grabbed and scribbled all over the bathtub. Unlike the real crayons and his giant coloring book pages which slip, the tub wall was still and his little fingers sent those crayons flying. I got him started by writing his name, and by the time he got out, he had made so many extra marks I couldn’t even read his name. In fact, I let the water drain all the way out of the tub and he was still coloring. I had to pry them out of his hands and put them on the counter in order to get him out. All the while fighting him as he grabbed for the crayons. He’s usually very sweet and docile after his bath. Not tonight. The angery little monster was kicking and crying and scrunching up his little face to make sure I knew I’d done him wrong.

He settled down after a few minutes. I promised him we’d color again tomorrow. I’m not really sure if he understood or just forgot about them, but I was finally able to get him to bed.

I’m almost reluctant to show him the crayons again in fear of a similar situation, but I have to say I understand his enthusiasm. When I was a kid, I loved bath time. Once I was old enough to be out of drowning danger (and probably before then since I’m part of the generation that slept on their stomachs, ate formula AND didn’t have to be in car seats at all, much less until we were 8), my mom would fill the tub, hand me some toys and let me play for 15, 20, sometimes even 30 minutes. I thought it was awesome. I’m sure she did as well.

Watching my son thoroughly enjoy his crayons got me thinking about my favorite tub toys. The crayons were probably #1 on my list. The beauty of the tub crayons is that I could try to create anything I wanted and if I didn’t like it or got bored with it, I just wiped it away. They were also great since they relied on my imagination. I think they get the #1 spot because I played with them so long. I got my first set when I was two (or so the pictures tell me) and I remember playing with them until I hit 7 or 8. That’s longevity in a kid’s toy.

The second best bath toy was my Giligan’s Island play set. Did anyone else have this? It was AMAZING! I don’t know what ever possessed my mom (or dad) to buy it for me. I don’t remember watching the show, but the toy was in my tub for several years. I made up all kinds of stories about the characters and the island. In hindsight maybe it wasn’t that great of a toy, but at the time, I really dug it.

My third would have to be Sea Wees. This is a decidedly girly one, I know, but I LOVED these things. I actually had the one pictured on this page (no doubt because of the penguin which my mom loves). I also had a pink one named Sandy. I thought the little mermaid babies were so cute! Heck, I still think they are.

One last blast from the tub toy past for me was Crazy Foam. While the cans I got were a little more modern than this one, I still adored the stuff. I would make huge silly foamy hats. I would make foamy outfits. I would paint foamy pictures. My mom used to have to ration it out so I didn’t go foam crazy. I LOVED the stuff. And although I can’t exactly remember the scent, I remember there was one, and I liked it.

Sigh…my baths are so boring now. Maybe if I’m stressed and need to unwind a bath pillow and a bath bomb from Lush.

*On a side note, while looking up Sea Wees, I found this toy as well. I’m pretty sure I had one of these, which seems a bit odd considering how girly I was as a kid.


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