The Wonderful Wizard of What?

I stopped by Blockbuster on the way home from work to rent a copy of The Wizard of Oz. Considering how much I loved this movie as a kid, I was actually surprised I didn’t own it. I seem to have every other movie from my past. It’s not like I’m dying to watch it; I just wanted to show a short clip of it to my film lit class to show symbolic uses of color in movies. It’s an easy one, I know, but I figure I’ve gotta start easy and work my way up.

I haven’t even been inside a Blockbuster in at least two years. I actually had to do a quick check to make sure I still had a rental card. When we got Netflix a few years ago, I got so used to the convienance of never having to go farther than the end of my driveway for movies, that it made the one block drive to Blockbuster seem unfathomable. Not to mention that Netflix’s selection blows anything sitting on one of Blockbuster’s shelves away. But I didn’t realize The Wizard of Oz wasn’t in my collection in time to Netflix it and get it for class. Hence the detour.

They have completely rearranged the store. Which wouldn’t be a problem, except that nothing is in a logical spot. I finally found the children’s movies and started looking, then realized it was divided into two sections: children’s and family. I’m not really sure how they distinguish between the two. Apparently episodes of SpongeBob are children’s, but episodes of the X-Men cartoon are family. I see no rhyme or reason to it. I figured the family section would probably be the best place to find my video, and when I finally found the end of it (it goes around a corner in sort of a backward U shape), there was no Wizard of Oz.

There was a janky looking copy of something called The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and despite the lack of cover, I had an odd feeling it was a cartoon. I scanned the children’s section and it wasn’t there either. Rather than pick my way through the rest of the store, I asked an employee.

No dice. Apparently they have a dozen different Barbie movies and more episodes of Dora the Explorer than I could count, but they don’t have a single copy of The Wizard of Oz. WTF? How can a video store not have The Wizard of Oz? It’s a freakin’ classic. And not in that wierd black and white, only my grandma loves it way. Every single one of my students has heard of it and most have watched it. This is mainstream classic. And I know I rented it less than five years ago from a Blockbuster less than an hour away. How can a video store not have a single copy of The Wizard of Oz and have an entire shelf devoted to Big Mama’s House I and II?

No wonder their damn movies rent for 99 cents and their parking lot was empty.



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2 responses to “The Wonderful Wizard of What?

  1. Eee

    I hate Blockbuster. They (I assume their employees are like the Borg and what one knows they all know) looked at me like I was an idiot when I asked for a copy of Planet of the Apes (before the awful remake came out) and when I asked for The Age of Innocence I was told “They don’t carry movies like that.” Blah!

  2. beetqueen

    I had a similar experience with something a bit older and less widely known. I was told they didn’t carry “period pieces.”

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