My life on the treadmill

Tomorrow I am going to join a gym. I don’t mean that in that sort of vague way that I have often said “tomorrow I am going to start a diet,” or “tomorrow I’m going to get some grading done.” This is not some comment on my need to lose weight. I actually have a specific gym picked out. I’ve visited and worked out there with a free pass. Tomorrow, I’m going to dive in and officially sign up.

I’ve only had one gym membership in my life, and it was not by choice. A well-meaning loved one of mine heard me say I wanted a spa treatment one year for Christmas. Not really understanding what I meant, he went to the phone book and found a “health spa.” He dropped in and signed me right up. When he gave me the gift my feelings were a little hurt. I immediately jumped to the conclusion he was trying to tell me I was fat (and granted, I was). A few days later I realized he was legitimately mistaken and felt really bad about the mix-up. It was too late though. The membership had been paid for, and I felt I had to go.

It was a nice enough place. One of those women only places where you don’t feel quite as bad just letting it all hang out. They had a few treadmills, some weight machines, free weights and even offered classes. The first time I went one of the employees spent a good half an hour with me going over a good workout and suggesting some dietary changes. It seems the membership not only got me unlimited use of the machines and classes, but also a dietician to talk to.

For awhile I was pretty consistent. I went several times a week. I kept track of my workout on a little card and once I’d been through my routine for a week, I stared slowly increasing my number of reps. I felt pretty good about myself and I was losing some weight.

But it was all the way across town and they closed at 9pm. The classes were all done by 7 and to be quite honest, I had a full teaching load and less motivation then I thought. I let the last few months of my membership expire with no action on my part. I didn’t feel too badly since it had been a gift. Nothing out of my pocket.

Tomorrow though, it will be a year long commitment and my money. I’m a little hesitant. Especially since my arms ache from my workout on Saturday. I’m hoping I’ll be able to stick with it this time. It’s one thing to waste someone else’s money, but another to waste my own. I think this gym has promise. For starters my best friend has also joined, so I’ll have a workout buddy. We’ve already figured out good days to workout and we are going to help each other stick to it. For another, they are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so I actually have no excuse (other than sheer laziness) not to workout.

Right now I’ve been trying to use my treadmill, but I can only do it once my husband and I are both home from work and before my son goes to bed. If I want to eat dinner as well, this leaves me about 30 minutes and while I know that’s enough time, it’s either before dinner when I am starving or after it when I’m really full. With the hours of this new gym, I’m planning an 8-9pm workout which will mean I’ve eaten, but am not overly full and my son is already in bed so I have nothing to stress over. Plus, I’ll still have at least an hour to come home and work on grading if I need to.

I know there will be days I won’t want to do it. I’m hoping since the gym is less than three minutes away and my best friend will be with me that I can stick to it. My diet hasn’t been going great. I’ve been maintaining, but that’s about it. I want to lose this extra weight before I even consider having another baby.

Plus they have eliptical machines. I LOVE those things!



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2 responses to “My life on the treadmill

  1. Eee

    We are going to be crazy working out machines! It’s going to be like a Olivia Newton John video.

  2. beetqueen

    Or we are going to be found dead from exhaustion on the floor of the gym the next morning.

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