My newest waste of free time

The last few weeks things have been ridiculously busy. The honeymoon of the new school year is over and suddenly I find myself with more work to grade and lessons to plan then I feel I have the time for. I’ve currently got one set of AP essays sitting on the floor of my classroom next to my desk. They are on the floor so as not to confuse them with all the other essays on my desk. And those are in addition to the stack of AP essays in my take home folder for “immediate” grading and the teetering pile of AP summer work stacked atop of my overhead projector waiting for my perusal. Good thing I almost never use transparencies. And that’s just my AP class. We won’t even talk about the two essays for film lit (or the one kids are writing their second draft of, due to be turned in on Friday) or my remedial English class, which doesn’t have hard work to grade, but since they don’t get it, it is very time consuming.

This is not, as it appears, a pity me party (although please, feel free to pity me. Heck, offer to grade for me, or to take me out to dinner so I don’t have to cook. Or to just buy me something pretty to make me feel better). No, this is about the newest way I’ve found to waste those few precious few moments of free time I’ve had (or manufactured…I’ll admit, I did nothing of value Saturday night…and in a moment you’ll see why).

It hasn’t been on my blog or even catching up on the myriad of blog entries my more concientous friends have written. It hasn’t been snuggling on the couch with my husband watching disk 2 of Dexter (although not for trying…apparently Netflix doesn’t want me to have it). My stolen moments of irresponsibility have been spent in front of this very computer screen…playing a video game.

I know, I know, it’s a waste of time. But I couldn’t help myself. I had to run in to Target last week to pick up a few items. While searching for the rechargeable batteries, I stumbled across the computer game section. And right there on the end cap was a Sims expansion pack I didn’t have: Free Time. That’s right, the few spare moments of free time I have had have been spent not on bettering myself, but on bettering little simulated computer created people. Instead of learning how to fix various items around my house, I’m making one of my Sim teenagers tinker with everything in sight. Rather than going out and exploring nature myself, I’m letting a Sim child hunt for bugs (and get chased by bees…in that respect I think I come off the winner). No studying cooking or making fancy dinners for me. Nope, I leave that to my Sim mom. And sports, forget it (for many reasons). I have another Sim teenager who can care about the big game.

The irony of spending my free time playing Free Time is not lost on me. Yet somehow I cannot pull myself away. Even now, just looking at that enticing purple box sitting open on the desk next to me, I am compelled to play. Sure, I have essays to grade, clips to find for film lit and a ton of reading to catch up on. But there is a huge part of me that wants to pop in the disk and make my Sim students do their homework, my Sim mom read a book and a Sim child watch a movie instead.

That’s really wrong, isn’t it?


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